Simone Spoladore Interview: 'Magnifica 70' Star On Life In Brazil

© Daryan Dornelles
© Daryan Dornelles
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Film Editor22 November 2016

Culture Trip speaks to Walter Present’s Magnifica 70 star Simone Spoladore about the Brazilian entertainment industry and playing the unforgettable character Dora Dumar in the hit show.

© Daryan Dornelles

What was the big appeal for you in deciding to do the show?

“When I read the script I felt the history of it was very interesting. In Brazil, at the time (the show is set in the 1970s) we had a dictatorship. Most of the story of cinema in Sao Paolo, where the show is set, produced a lot of different types of films. Those movies have now had their titles changed.”

So how is the state of the Brazilian film industry now?

“It’s different. Now we have cinema that is far more professional. We produce many kinds of movies today. The same is true of TV. We had the market opening up for new types of shows. HBO are now producing there, and they can experiment in the language of the stories. They are more daring.”

Are these the sort of projects you want to do more of?

“I’ve done many in the past. Magnifica 70 is different as it is a TV show that is produced by filmmakers and cinema people. It is showing on TV, but has that film quality to it. It is an interesting composition. We’ve produced lots of content, but the big difference is the experiment.”

What do you like about the character, Dora, who you portray in Magnifica 70?

“I really like her. She is a “bad girl”, but she discovers she has an artistic soul. She falls in love with cinema. The big challenge was to get the nuances of the character. We are very different, me and her, but obviously we are both actresses and we both love cinema. For Dora, being an actress is something she really likes. In the second season… oh, sorry, I can’t say anything.”

The show is very popular here. Is that a surprise?

“Yes. I was worried about the subtitles. Generally shows are dubbed or only shown in Portuguese. It is new. We have a different kind of audience now. I didn’t know when the show began in Brazil either, as it is so different.”

And what about your time in England… are you enjoying it?

“Yes, very much. I’m mainly here to improve my English. I want to stay here for longer. Apart from the weather, I think the big difference is the culture between London and Brazil. It feels quite small, but I really like that. I live in Rio, and life is very chaotic there”.

What is the perfect day in Rio like?

“I would walk in the lagoons and beaches. You have to see the sunrise on the beaches. Also visit the Cristo Redactor [Christ the Redeemer] and go up in the cable cars. It is a very beautiful landscape. I also like the downtown of Rio, because it is old and very photographic.”

Magnifica 70 is available on the streaming service Walter Presents

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