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10 Stunning Restaurants In Rio de Janeiro

10 Stunning Restaurants In Rio de Janeiro

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Rio de Janeiro, known for its postcard scenery, has not only some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and people, but also an incredible gastronomic tradition. With influences from Portugal, Africa, and indigenous peoples, Rio de Janeiro’s cuisine is full of exciting flavors and spices. Here’s our guide to 10 of its most stunning restaurants.


Located in the beautiful, artsy and slower-paced Santa Teresa neighborhood, Aprazível wants to show the world the goodness of local Brazilian produce. Their menu includes a variety of dishes that take guests on a culinary journey across the country. Indeed, Brazil is such a big and cosmopolitan country that every single state and city has a cuisine typical to the area. Sitting under the trees, guest watch their food being cooked in the open-air kitchen while relaxing to the sounds of nature.

Aprazível, 62 Rua Aprazível, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 2508 9174


Bacalhau na Cataplana | Courtesy of Bar Urca
Bacalhau na Cataplana | Courtesy of Bar Urca

Bar and Restaurant Urca

Bar and Restaurant Urca takes inspiration from both Portuguese and Brazilian cuisines, the delicious dishes and snacks that this place offers will satisfy the most demanding of palates. Located in a postcard setting at the banks of Guanabara Bay, overlooking Christ the Redeemer, Urca is perfect for a picturesque meal. Their specialty is seafood and fish which always comes fresh and includes tasty dishes such as the shrimp bobo, seafood broth and beans and fried sardines, Portuguese stew, and much more.

Bar and Restaurant Urca, 205 Rua Cândido Gaffrée, Urca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 2295 8744

CT Boucherie

Located in one of the trendiest neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, Leblon, CT Boucherie is a steakhouse like no other. The restaurant was founded by the well known and talented French chef Claude Troisgros, and is now run by his children; Thomas and Carolina. The meat cuts are always fresh and tender. But not only is the meat delicious, so are the all-you-can-eat sides that are continuously brought to the table. The service is also exquisite.

CT Boucherie, 636 Rua Dias Ferreira, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 2529 2329


Palaphita Kitch

On the banks of the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, between Ipanema and Copacabana, lies Palaphita Kitch, a traditional Amazonian canteen. In the heart of Rio de Janeiro. This eco-friendly restaurant promotes a beautiful vision; to build without destroying, to recycle not to pollute, and above all, to be a simple place where city inhabitants can relax and feel at peace. Together with a variety of tropical dishes, guests can enjoy delicious caipirinhas made with various types of alcohol including cachaça, vodka, saké and whisky among others, and with flavors including rambutan, mango, kiwi, pineapple and tamarind.

Palaphita Kitch, Quiosque 20, Avenida Epitácio Pessoa, Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 2227 0837

Gourmet Tropical

Gourmet Tropical is the gastronomic hub of Chácara Tropical; a complex selling a variety of garden products and decorations. As such, the restaurant itself is located in a green environment, surrounded by beautiful plants in a very serene atmosphere. The interior design is charming, with rustic furniture and local artisanal decoration and popular art all around the restaurant. Gourmet Tropical specializes in international cuisine, but guests can also buy condiments, oils, and Italian pasta to cook at home. In addition, they provide delicious wines to complement every choice.

Gourmet Tropical, 420 Rua Dom Rosalvo Costa Rêgo, Itanhangá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 2493 0394

San Remo – Lagoon

Within one of the most popular gastronomic hubs of Rio de Janeiro, Lagoon Gourmet, lies San Remo – Lagoon, a bar which connects all the other restaurants of the complex. Located in a gorgeous setting at the banks of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, the wine and tapas bar offers first class drinks and impeccable service. It has a covered area, and a beautiful veranda with a panoramic view of the lagoon.

San Remo – Lagoon, 1424 Avenida Borges de Medeiros, Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 2249 8762

Zazá Bistrô

Zazá Bistrô is inspired by the owners’ worldwide travels and the flavors they encountered along the way. Following the statement that ‘you are what you eat’, they only offer healthy food, and use organic ingredients as much as possible. Dishes here are very different to the ones usually encountered in Rio’s restaurants, but just as delicious, if not more so. The drinks are excellent too.

Zazá Bistrô, 40 Rua Joana Angélica, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 2247 9101

Sushi Leblon

Sushi Leblon: fresh fish, great atmosphere, trendy location and excellent service. Sushi Leblon is by far one of the most fashionable restaurants in Rio de Janeiro. Every night, both cariocas and foreigners queue in front of the door and reservations are hard to come by. Sushi Leblon is one the best sushi restaurants in town.

Sushi Leblon, 256 Rua Dias Ferreira, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 2512 7830

Roberta Sudbrack

Roberta Sudbrack is a contemporary Brazilian bistro run by Rio de Janeiro’s most beloved female chef. Situated close to the botanical gardens in a very upscale neighborhood, the restaurant has a local, neighborhood vibe, with light-colored walls, wooden furniture and burgundy carpets. Prior to starting this restaurant Chef Sudbrack worked at the presidential palace for seven years. Contemporary yet simple characterizes her food the best: Sudbrack’s eight-course tasting menu is different every day, according to the availability of the ingredients at the local food market. Her desserts are exquisite, especially her famous banana ice.

Roberta Sudbrack, 916 Avenida Lineu de Paula Machado, Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, +55 21 3874-0139


Prana Vegetariano | Courtesy of Prana Vegetariano
Prana Vegetariano | Courtesy of Prana Vegetariano

Prana Vegetariano

Prana Vegetariano offers delicious, sophisticated vegetarian dishes. Every day, chef Marcos Freitas, a native carioca and healthy food lover, uses his creativity to combine a variety of flavors to create the perfect recipes. The freshly squeezed juices are incredible and the açais are also a must try while in Rio.

Prana Vegetariano, 11D Rua Ererê, Praça Sao Judas Tadeu, Cosme Velho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, + 55 21 2245.7643