How To Spend A Weekend Like a Paulista

Parque do Ibirapuera SP
Parque do Ibirapuera SP | © Vinicius Pinheiro/Flickr
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São Paulo can be overwhelming with the enormous amount of attractions you can see when you visit. There are museums, parks, restaurants, and bars just waiting to be explored and only 24-hours in a day. In addition, sometimes you just don’t want to see the city as an outsider, but rather as someone who lives here. To reduce the confusion, Culture Trip has put together an agenda on how to spend the weekend like a Paulista.


Breakfast at a padaria

In Brazil the padaria, or bakery, is an institution. In every neighborhood there are dozens of them, and like every good Paulista, you should start out the weekend having breakfast in one such establishment. Try for something light, like fruits and cheese and a cafezinho (small coffee) or a pingado (coffee with milk). One of the best around Avenida Paulista is Bella Paulista.

Bella Paulista, Rua Haddock Lobo 354, Cerqueira César, São Paulo, Brazil, +55 11 3214 3347

Stroll in Ibirapuera

Paulistas living in São Paulo see buildings and pavement throughout the week, so on weekends parks like the Ibirapuera are filled with people seeking fresh air and nature. You can rent a bike or just spend the morning strolling through its many pathways, exploring both gardens and the museums located within the park.

Parque do Ibirapuera, Avenida Pedro Álvares Cabral, Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Brazil

Parque do Ibirapuera SP

Lunch in Pinheiros

After nature comes a little culture. Take the afternoon to explore the dozens of art galleries found in the Pinheiros and Vila Madalena neighborhoods. There are many so it may be wise to check for interesting exhibits before you head out. But before starting your cultural journey, stop at Consulado Mineiro to eat. The restaurant, which serves typical food from the state of Minas Gerais, pleases even the most demanding customers. If you order the pão de queijo (cheesebread) for starters be aware that they bake it on demand, so it may take awhile.

Consulado Mineiro, Rua Cônego Eugênio Leite 504, Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil, +55 11 3898 3241

Art Galleries in Vila Madalena and Pinheiros

After a hearty meal, it’s time to hit the trendiest galleries in São Paulo, in Vila Madalena and the Pinheiros neighborhoods. Galleries, from the unconventional A7MA to the more consolidated Galeria Virgilio, flourish in these two neighborhoods alongside specialty shops, bars and cafés.

A7MA, Rua Harmonia 95 B, Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil, +55 11 2361 7876

Galeria Virgilio, Rua Dr. Virgilio de Carvalho Pinto 426, Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil +55 11 2373 2999


Night in Vila Madalena

After dinner at a cozy restaurant in Vila Madalena, end your night listening to good samba music in one of the many bars which quickly fill up in the neighborhood. The music goes late into the night at places like Bar Samba, Bar Camará, or Vila Seu Justino.

Bar Samba, R. Fidalga, 308 – Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil, +55 11 3819 4619

Bar Camara, Rua Luis Murat, 308, Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, Brazil, +55 11 2501 1796

Vila Seu Justino, Rua Harmonia 77 – Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil, +55 11 2305 0140


Brunch at Skye

Start your Sunday having brunch and enjoying one of the most incredible views of São Paulo, at the rooftop Skye Restaurant & Bar. The restaurant’s brunch menu includes fruits, cereals, cakes, pies and assorted breads. Very popular with tourists and Paulistanos alike are pancakes with maple and red fruit syrup, French toast, sweet and salty tapiocas and eggs Benedict.

Skye at Hotel Unique, Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antonio, 4700 Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil, +55 11 3055 4702

Brunch at Skye at São Paulo

Walk around Avenida Paulista

Now it is time to take to São Paulo’s most famous avenue. On Sunday Avenida Paulista is closed to vehicles, and the street quickly fills up with kids riding bicycles, artists selling their paintings and street musicians showing their talent. Start at one end, in the Paraiso neighborhood, and by the time you’ve walked its 2.7 kilometers (1.6 miles) you will have encountered almost every tribe living in São Paulo. Stop at the Casa Das Rosas museum where there is always interesting cultural events and exhibitions going on.

Casa Das Rosas, Avenida Paulista 37, Paraíso, São Paulo, Brazil, +55 11 3285 6986

Casa das Rosas

Lunch at Prainha Paulista

A stop midway through your stroll for lunch is a must. A favorite among the happy-hour crowd, Prainha Paulista is also a favorite for weekend lunches if you are near Avenida Paulista. They serve everything from sandwiches to full course meals, with cold beer to accompany.

Prainha Paulista, Alameda Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, 557, Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil, +55 11 3562 5056

Prainha Restaurant SP

Movie at Belas Artes

By the time you reach Rua da Consolação, almost at the other end of Avenida Paulista, you will be ready for some relaxation. Why not take in an excellent film at the Belas Artes movie house? The cinema usually shows foreign, non-circuit films and often presents its customers with mini film festivals.

Cine Belas Artes Drive-In, Rua da Consolação 2423, Consolação, São Paulo, Brazil, +55 11 2894 5781

Cinema Belas Artes

Pizza time

By the time the movie is over it is time for an early dinner and to head on home, for Monday is a workday in the financial capital of South America. With pizza being the number one favorite food among Paulistas, and the most likely places to be opened on a Sunday night, try the Camelo Pizzaria in Jardins. With locations in three other spots in São Paulo, as well as restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, Camelo Pizzaria has made a name for itself in a city that is usually very picky about its pizza.

Camelo, Rua Pamplona 1873, Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil, +55 11 3887 8764


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