An Interview With Rosemary Dream

Trust | © Rosemary Dream
Trust | © Rosemary Dream
Rosemary Dream has long been on the lips of many backpackers around South America. The community in Brazil was created by fellow friends and travellers, Yaniv Charlap, Yotam Elmakais and Cormoran Lee, who fell in love with the magical island that is Florianópolis. This special spot nestled in the Brazilian jungle near Barra da Lagoa is where guests are invited to get back to basics, to a mantra of ‘Monk, Monkey and the Modern Human’. Here’s everything you need to know.
The beautiful Rosemary Dream © Rosemary Dream

Tell us a little bit about what you do over at Rosemary.

We blow your mind! No expectations, no judgement.

From the very moment you step through the gate, you’ll be filled with wonder, just like a newborn into the savanna: curious, courageous and ready for adventure. Forget about the world, it’s time to try something new and fresh, the real you! We are passionate about life and we want to light up your fire, so that you can live your life to the fullest.

No rules are needed in a world filled with respect, high moral principles and humanistic values. This is the key to our way of life. We want to show you that when your behaviour is aligned with your values, you will stop worrying about the consequences of your actions. Whether it’s past or future worries that are cluttering your freedom, you’re the only person in the world that can change you, so what are you going to do about it?

Push yourself out of your comfort zone © Rosemary Dream

As the masterminds behind Rosemary, how did your plans materialise?

Like many, the story begins with a piece of paper, a pen and a insane belief for your dream! Since that moment, the journey has been an endless fight between the ways of the world, ourselves and our inner voices. Everyone thinks you’re crazy embarking on something so wild, but really, all that matters is what you believe in your heart. Don’t let your inner voice overcome you, when it’s telling you to quit, saying it’ll never succeed and that it’s not worth it.

If you believe in yourself, and you feel that your purpose is worthwhile, you’ll notice that you will magnetically attract all the guardian angels needed to accomplish your goals. We couldn’t have done it alone – building true, loving and inspiring relationships along the way from all reaches of the globe, our dreams materialized and hearts became more and more fulfilled every day.

Teamwork © Rosemary Dream

Was it quite daunting diving into this huge project?

Oh mama, good question! You must prepare yourself for the worst, and when it approaches, you must know that it can still get worse, but will you surrender at the first sign of trouble? For us, we constantly push for one million per cent effort, we don’t accept failure, and finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is visible. Nothing great in life was ever achieved without persistence, so we stick with the people that drive us forward, those that make up our global family. You must nourish yourself constantly with inspiration, love and grow alongside your project.

Are you afraid of following your dreams? So were we. Take the leap, you’ll never regret it!

Family spirit © Rosemary Dream

What do you hope your visitors can receive from Rosemary?

We are here to play, enjoy and express what life is all about, our home is your playground and the invitation is extended to everyone. When you experience freedom of being, you won’t believe how good it feels. As a result, you will start loving yourself more authentically, giving to others and stop evaluating the energy you invest in yourself and the environment around you, it’s the gift of giving that flows naturally. What makes us human beings is the kindness, compassion and generosity that we all own. Come into our warm embrace, it’s free, sweaty and salty and it’s waiting for YOU! All we ask is that you pass this hug onto someone that needs it!

Trusting © Rosemary Dream

Tell us more about your programs.

Stop, take a break from your hectic rat-race lifestyle and take responsibility to make a positive change. It’s not easy, we want you to dive out of your comfort zone, open up, and for that we will respect you so much. We’ll extract your inspiration, break your routine and turn all energies towards yourself, because you deserve it!

The Wake Up Program is the slap of fresh cold water across your face that you need, to realize a thing or two about your life. Re-direct your time, energy and money to the places you’re passionate about and progress towards your dreams. Read Krunal’s experience here.

The Heart Attack Program. It’s extraordinary, it’s intense and it’s surprisingly fun! Your body will have a rush of hormones from the extreme growth you’ll feel daily. At the end of the tiring six phases, you’ll stand proud, confident and ready to conquer the world. Read more here.

Goals © Rosemary Dream

Are there any big plans in the pipeline for Rosemary?

You can follow us on Facebook for our future programs and events, keep an eye out especially for our sailing trip around Greece, with our special guest, the inspirational Chen Lizra. She specialises in personal development coaching, you can watch her popular Ted talk here.

Reading under the canopies © Rosemary Dream

At Rosemary you can relax by joining yoga and meditation classes, or by taking part in a number of outdoor activities including sunrise and sunset hikes through the jungle, surfing, canoeing, swimming and snorkelling, as well as developing our blossoming permaculture garden… everything you’ve ever dreamt of, in one place.

And now, relax © Rosemary Dream