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Brazil home decor | © Unsplash/Pexels
Brazil home decor | © Unsplash/Pexels
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6 Inspiring Decor Ideas From Brazil

Picture of Georganne Hassell
Updated: 2 May 2017
Brazil has a deep connection with nature which shows throughout its culture. Brazilians bring the best of natural beauty into their homes with creative decor schemes. Discover these inspiring ideas for yourself.

Add splashes of color

Brazilians are no strangers to color. They take their cue from nature’s inexhaustible color scheme and use bold colors in every corner of their home. Start incorporating this idea into your own home with small splashes of color, like a throw pillow or bold blanket.

Vibrant colors can lift a room
Vibrant colors can lift a room | © Pixabay / Pexels

Use natural elements

Wood, sisal, jute, stone and other natural elements shine as the centerpieces of decor and furniture in Brazilian homes. A reclaimed wood coffee table or a sisal area rug are easy ways to bring in a natural element to your space without feeling overwhelmed.

Lend an air of calm with natural elements
Lend an air of calm with natural elements | © Kaboompics / Karolina / Pexels

Less is more

Brazil is a place of abundant beauty in the outdoors, so Brazilians tend to keep their homes sparse and uncrowded. They clear surfaces of unnecessary decor and instead focus on having a few items they truly love, like a unique vase or a candle holder.

Keep it simple
Keep it simple | © Unsplash / Pexels

Think green

With all the gorgeous plant life in Brazil, it’s hard not to want to bring that beauty inside. Brazilians love to include plants outside and inside their home, and this may include some big, bold ferns instead in a pretty pot or an array of delicate succulents.

Plant life brings nature into the home
Plant life brings nature into the home | © Pixabay / Pexels

Move outside

Brazilians love to take any party or gathering outside – nearly every home includes a deck or patio area with a special Brazilian barbecue area. Incorporating this trend into your home is easier than you think – set up a comfy chair or two in your favorite sunny corner of your yard, or even within your home next to window. The idea is to get connected with the outdoors in small moments.

Appreciate the outdoors
Appreciate the outdoors | © Unsplash / Pexels

Set up a corner for R&R

Hammocks, or redes in Portuguese, are ubiquitous throughout Brazil. You’ll see them on tons of patios and decks, and they’re even hung right by the front door. A hammock is another easy way to bring a sense of Brazil’s laidback vibe into your home.

Relax in a hammock
Relax in a hammock | © Unsplash / Pexels