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View from Gavea |© Alex MacDowell / WikiCommons
View from Gavea |© Alex MacDowell / WikiCommons

25 Photos That Prove Rio De Janeiro is the Most Beautiful City in South America at Night

Picture of Sarah Brown
Updated: 11 May 2017

From rugged, forest-carpeted peaks to golden, idyllic beaches, Rio de Janeiro’s natural wonders are bewitching during the day. Yet at night, the city’s icons become silhouetted against dramatic skies as urban life twinkles and illuminates the after-hour activity. Here are 25 photos that prove Rio is South America’s most beautiful city at night.

The Views From the Sugarloaf Are Spectacular at Night

From Whichever Angle

Rio Effortlessly Mixes Urban Life With Natural Beauty

It Also Has Extraordinary Sunsets

Rio’s Stadiums Are Even More Impressive at Night

Rio Celebrates the Most Incredible New Year’s Eve at Copacabana

It Also Has Breathtaking Views Like This One From Corcovado

Christmas Time in Rio de Janeiro is Magical

Rio’s Architecture Dazzles at Night

As Does its Coastlines

The Parties at Night in Rio Are Sensational

Gaze in Awe at Rio’s Skyline at Night

Rio Has Breathtaking Viewpoints at Night

It Also Has a Beautiful Natural Lake That Lights When it Gets Dark…

…and Becomes Even More Incredible When it’s Night Time

Christ the Redeemer is Spellbinding, Whether He is Casting His Gaze Over Disappearing Day…

…or Overlooking Copacabana’s Firework Show

Rio’s Landscapes at Dusk Are Pretty Amazing

So is This Jaw-Dropping Aerial View Over Rio

Rio’s City Center at Night is Striking

These Views Are Truly One of a Kind

Rio’s Coastline is Ridiculously Stunning at Night

Arpoador in Rio Becomes Dramatic at Night

This Moody Skyline From Leblon

With Two of Rio’s Major Icons—Christ the Redeemer and the Sugarloaf—in One, Epic Shot, This Sums Up Just Why Rio de Janeiro is the Most Beautiful City in South America at Night