15 Mouthwatering Foodie Instagrams From Brazil

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Sarah Brown

The cultural diversity of Brazil mixed with its increasing numbers of traveling citizens gives the country a tremendously varied gastronomic scene. A long process of cultural exchange between the Portuguese, Africans, Germans, Italians, Japanese and others has led to an exciting culinary fusion, peppered with contemporary influences from all corners of the globe. Here, Culture Trip takes to Instagram to discover the best of Brazil’s foodie accounts that will leave your mouth watering and your stomach growling!

Quero Comida

Quero Comida is an account made by food and recipe blogger Thais Mendes and showcases an extraordinary collection of mostly large-than-life desserts, each one oozing streams of chocolate and balancing excessive layers; this is a sweet lover’s dream account.


Somos Tribal Natural

Somos Tribal Natural is made by Juliana and Leonardo from Rio de Janeiro and showcases a delicious collection of healthy meals. The foods reflect traditional Brazilian favorites, such as açai, while simultaneously capturing the historic cultural influences from Italy and Japan. Colorful, tasty and healthy are the key words of this account.


GP Bom Gourmet

GP Bom Gourmet is the gastronomical side of the Gazeta do Povo, a magazine in Curitiba. This account follows various food events and restaurant openings, bringing the best of culinary happenings within Curitiba, a city in the state of Paraná.


I Could Kill For Dessert

I Could Kill For Dessert brings together everything you could ask for when it comes to anything sweet related, from delicious images to recipes and dessert ideas. Danielle Noce is the owner of the account and shares photos of recipes that she puts up on her blog.


Diego Oliveira

Diego Oliveira from São Paulo is an aspiring photographer who considers cooking as a form of therapy. His Instagram account beautifully showcases his photographs that artistically capture various foods. Each photo is carefully considered and leaves you simultaneously hungry and impressed from its visual impact. The images reflect Brazil’s deep cultural gastronomical heritage as well as presenting native foods.



Gordelicias is the project of Raquel Arellano that aims to provide easy cooking that stems from her passion for food. Her account compiles various homemade recipes as well as popular food and imagery from around Brazil.


Fernando and Cintia

Fernando and Cintia are a Brazilian couple that documents their passion for food on their joint Instagram account. The photos are of delicious foods from various restaurants all around Brazil, capturing the innovation of Brazilian gastronomy and beauty of good quality of food.


Find and Eat

Find and Eat brings photos of food that have been collected from all around Brazil, showing what you can eat and where. The account displays a variety of food, from meat and vegetarian dishes to Brazilian cuisine and Arabic delights. It is exceptionally useful to find good places around Brazil to eat, but just the pictures alone are worth looking at for anyone that loves food.


Cozinha Travessa

Dani Oliveira is the author of Cozinha Travessa. Her Instagram account is filled with delicious food photographs that come from her own recipes published on her blog. Her style is gourmet cooking, yet the recipes are wholesome, simple and full of flavor, and her photos will leave you wanting to head straight into the kitchen and whip up one of her tasty meals.


DeLemos Gastronomia Vegana

DeLemos Gastronomia Vegana is full of delicious and innovative food ideas that are totally vegan. The account wonderfully captures the diversity of food options available for vegans and shows that vegan meals are far from boring and can be full of nutrition and still remain immensely satisfying. There is also a good choice of desserts perfect for those who need a sweet kick now and again.


Cozinha Saudavel da Gra

Gracyane Barbosa is considered one of the biggest female fitness gurus in Brazil. She created an account on Instagram, Cozinha Saudavel da Gra, that brings together nutritious and healthy recipes that are perfect for a fitness lifestyle and give inspiration on what to eat when stuck for ideas on a tasty, low calorie meals. Fitness is a big part of life in Brazil and this account sums up everything about healthy eating here.


Dra Fernanda Granja

Dra Fernanda Granja created an account that displays her knowledge as a nutritionist for athletes and new mothers with a collection of healthy, delicious and beautifully presented meals. Many of the food recipes include native Brazilian ingredients.


A Cozinha Coletiva

A Cozinha Coletiva is both a blog and Instagram account by Richie from São Paulo who presents his love for all things sweet, chocolatey and delicious in a series of mouthwatering pictures.


Cuecas na Cozinha

Cuecas na Cozinha is the Instagram account of Alessander Guerra, who showcases images of incredibly presented food as part of a larger project on his food blog. He shares both elaborate and simple recipes as well as tips on drinks to accompany certain foods and news from the gastronomical scene. His images are flawless and present food at its best.


Dedo de Moca

Dedo de Moca was created by a group of like-minded chefs and is filled with food images of all sorts with the aim of providing content for those that love cooking. The images give tasty cooking inspiration with each photo linked to its own recipe on the owners’ blog.

By Sarah Brown

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