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Fun and tasty caipiranhas at Papo Inicial | courtesy of Papo Inicial Bar e Botequim
Fun and tasty caipiranhas at Papo Inicial | courtesy of Papo Inicial Bar e Botequim
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The 10 Best Bars Near Maracanã Stadium, Rio De Janeiro

Picture of Sarah Brown
Updated: 9 February 2017
If walls could talk, Maracanã stadium’s in Rio would tell of glorious wins and devastating losses, all-night parties, and the sweat, blood and tears shed there, especially after the 2016 Olympics. We’ve rounded-up the best nearby bars for spectators to take a breather in.

Cafe e Bar Macaense (Bar do Bode Cheiroso)

Basic almost to a fault, this bar got the nickname Bode Cheiroso back in the 1950s, translating roughly to ‘smelly goat’ due to a lingering bathroom smell. Nowadays, however, the place is older, wiser, and a whole lot less smelly. It is a simple resting point to enjoy a cold beer, watch a game on the TV, mingle with the locals, and enjoy the fried sardines that made it famous.

Cafe e Bar Macaense, Rua General Canabarro, 218, Maracana, RJ, Brazil

The famous sardines at Bode cheiroso | courtesy of Bar Bode Cheiroso
The famous sardines at Bode cheiroso | courtesy of Bar Bode Cheiroso

Bar Tip Top

Being a casual and welcoming bar, Bar Tip Top is the perfect place to slip into, wet the whistle, and fill up on hearty, wholesome food before heading back to watch the next round of games. Bar Tip Top serves exceptionally cold beer and the highly recommended pasteis de carne seca.

Bar Tip Top, Rua Sao Franciso Xavier, 368, Maracana, RJ, Brazil +55 21 2567 3305

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Buxixo Chopperia

With its big TV screens for the football matches, this bar attracts crowds on the weekends with nearly every table filled by early evening. Buxixo Chopperia has a satisfying menu of meats, fish and other traditional Brazilian foods, with generous portions enough for two people or more.

Buxico Chopperia, Av. Maracana, 760, Tijuca, RJ, Brazil +55 21 2264-8484

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Bar do Chico

A local favorite located within easy walking distance of Maracanã, this big, basic bar delivers exactly what it promises on the tin: cold beer, strong caipirinhas and guests that leave full and satisfied. The most famous dish on the menu is the delicious ‘four-in-one,’ a mix of smoked cheese in breadcrumbs, sliced sausage, cassava, and dried meat.

Bar do Chico, Rua General Canabarro, 119, Maracana, RJ, Brazil +55 21 2568-5421

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Bar da Frente

Bar da Frente keeps ahead of its game with its stylish retakes on Brazilian classics and creative appetizers. Their recipes are updated frequently to regularly provide a unique and varied menu. The atmosphere is refreshingly retro and funky, and with plenty of national and imported beers on tap, it ticks all the right boxes for a great bar.

Bar da Frente, Rua Barao de Iguatemi, 388, Praca de Bandeira, RJ, Brazil +55 21 2502-0176

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Só Kana

This is definitely the place to celebrate or commiserate after the games with a one liter caipirinha on the menu. The bar itself is simple yet clean, fun and full of generous portions of traditional Brazilian food. The fries with melted cheese are popular for their sizable amount, perfect for sharing.

Só Kana, Avenida Maracana, 766, Tijuca, RJ, Brazil +55 21 2567-7082

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Calabouço Heavy & Rock Bar

This bar provides a break from the constant samba, pagode and funk by bringing head-banging bass lines of heavy metal and rock. The live music at Calabouço comes from quality rock-and-roll bands that entertain crowds throughout the night. Beer and burgers are classic menu staples, but you’ll be sure to find a variety of other foods as well.

Calabouça Heavy & Rock Bar, Rua Felipe Camarao, 130, Vila Isabel, RJ, Brazil +55 21 2268-7014

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Papo Inicial Bar and Botequim

This bar attracts people from all over for its amazing food and drink selections. The most famous, and arguably most delicious drinks on the menu, are the caipiles: a caipirinha with a flavored ice-lolly submerged in the drink.. There is also a mix of national and imported beers for those without a sweet tooth.

Papo Inicial Bar and Botequim, Rua Felipe Camarao, 169, Marcana, RJ, Brazil +55 21 2238-2645

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Bar Varnhagen

Casual to the point of feeling at home, this bar offers a very cold beer and excellent accompanying snacks. Seats and tables trail out onto the sidewalk for those sunny days and all close enough to give a cozy and familiar atmosphere. On a Sunday, this traditional Carioca bar serves up its home-made and immensely satisfying speciality: rabada, which is meat rolled up with various hebrs and vegetables, and served with beans and rice.

Bar Varnhagem, Praca Varnhagen, 14A, Tijuca, RJ, Brazil +55 21 2254-3062

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Benditho Bar

A casual meet-up point for all ages, this bar is a great option for drinks and food near the Maracanã Stadium. It serves an ample selection of beers and other drinks, and the food is delicious. Its generously filled pastels are a hit with the customers, providing the ideal snack with beer. It also serves fulfilling dinners of typically Brazilian cuisine.

Benditho Bar, Rua Baltazar Lisboa, 47, Vila Isabel, RJ, Brazil +55 21 2208-2346