The Best Souvenirs to Bring Back From Ushuaia

Ushuaia, Patagonia | © David Stanley/Flickr
Ushuaia, Patagonia | © David Stanley/Flickr
Photo of Sorcha O'Higgins
24 October 2017

Going to the city of Ushuaia in the very south of Argentine Patagonia is the trip of a lifetime, and one you will not forget quickly. So what should you take home with you from the Land Of Fire so you remember your trip for years to come? We have pulled together a list of the best souvenirs to bring back from Ushuaia.

Painted pinguino

A pinguino, or a jug in the shape of a penguin, is one of the best gifts that you can bring back from Argentina, but made even more special from Ushuaia as there is a penguin colony on Martillo Island. You can walk with the penguins and see them waddle about, then go back into town and pick yourself up your own penguin, but this one holds wine! You can even find pinguinos that have penguins painted on them, so you can take your own penguin home without running into problems at customs!

Penguin power in Ushuaia | © CucombreLibre/Flickr

Postcard from the End of the World

One of the quintessential activities in Ushuaia is to send a postcard to a loved one from the End of the World. Pretty much everyone who visits Ushuaia sends a postcard, so you would be silly to miss out on sending one yourself, no matter how touristy it may seem! But as well as sending a postcard back home to your family and friends, why not send one to yourself as well? Then you can have it when you get home so you will never forget that day you spent at the End of the World. There is a post office in Ensenada Bay at the National Park, which is open from 9am til 6pm during summer.

Lighthouse snowglobe

Snowglobes will never lose their childhood charm, and what better souvenir to bring back from you trip to Ushuaia, where you will no doubt sail past the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, the lighthouse on a rock out at sea at the End of the World? This charming red and white striped lighthouse is the perfect object to be placed in a wistful snowglobe, and as you shake it and the flakes swirl around the pillar, you will be reminded of your trip to Ushuaia and of all the boats that the lighthouse guides to safety.

Les Éclaireurs lighthouse | © Los viajes del Cangrejo/Flickr

Carved husky statue

One of the most exciting activities in Ushuaia in winter is taking a trip on a sleigh pulled by huskies through the woods surrounding the city. Although these dogs are not native to Ushuaia, they feel very much at home here, and you can find lots of carved wooden statues of huskies and sleds in souvenir shops all around the town. A perfect gift for a younger cousin or niece/nephew.


Chocolate is one of the saving graces of winter in Ushuaia, where the bitter cold can be cut after a long day out in the snow with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Chocolate abounds in Ushuaia, so why not pick up a box for your colleagues at work in the airport so you don’t have to carry it around with you? They’ll thank you for it on a gloomy Monday morning!

Leather mate and thermos holder

If you want to live like a local in Ushuaia, you should never be too far away from your mate and yerba, so there’s no better place to keep your gourd, bombilla, or metal straw, yerba and thermos of hot water, than in a beautifully handcrafted leather satchel, especially made for all your mate equipment. You’ll be the envy of all of your friends back home when they see the awesome leather goods you’ve come home with, and you can even tell them all about your trip while you share a mate together, Argentina style.

Mate, a traditional Argentine tea | © Beatrice Murch/Flickr

Passport stamps from the End of the World

Along with a postcard from the End of the World, one of the things that will remind you of your trip to Argentina is a passport stamp from Ushuaia, the city at the End of the World. Of course it’s not a real passport stamp, but you can ask in the tourist information office in the town and they will decorate your passport with the seal of Ushuaia, so you will remember your time in Ushuaia every time you go traveling!

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