The Most Beautiful Beaches in Papua New Guinea

Panasia Island, Papua New Guinea
Panasia Island, Papua New Guinea | © Guido Amrein Switzerland / Shutterstock

If off-the-grid travel is your preferred style of seeing the world, then Papua New Guinea offers raw and untouched beauty away from western civilisation. Left alone by mass tourism, the beaches remain in an idyllic and mostly empty setting. You’ll find no difficulty finding a private spot on these beautiful beaches.

Panasia Island

In some ways, Panasia Island feels like it belongs in the South Pacific next to Fiji and Raratonga, not Papua New Guinea. This beautiful island beach is part of the Louisiade archipelago and has all the makings of perfect island oasis — white sand, clear turquoise waters and plenty of space.

The beach at Panasia Island

Blanche Bay, Kokopo

Located on Rabual, Kokopo offers a view of nature at its most powerful, right among the volcanoes. There are a couple of resorts and hotels in the area with waterfront views, but the most spectacular aspect of this bay is the backdrop of smoking volcanoes, including the great Tavurvur.

Tavurvur, Rabaul in Papua New Guinea

Buka Island

Buka Island is a small island on the northern region of Bougainville and the busiest part of the area. In fact, there’s even a tourist information office in Buka, which, in Papua New Guinea, is about as rare as hen’s teeth. Buka Island and Bougainville are great spots for swimming and fishing, with clear waters offering plenty of snorkelling opportunities.

Kessa Beach, Buka Island

Bramble Haven

Bramble Haven is an atoll in the Deperre Islands, also located in the Louisade archipelago. This stunning and idyllic lagoon in Milne Bay is filled with brilliant aqua and azure hues. Sail along these waters and feel as if you’re floating in utopia.

Bramble Haven, Papua New Guinea

Harlen Beach, Papua

Harlen Beach in the region of Depapre is on the mainland of New Guinea, but is actually part of Papua. The region lies at on the northern coast of the island, near Jayapura. The beach is only accessible by boat and is ideal for snorkelling over reefs, bathing in clear waters or relaxing. It’s worth the trip just for the boat journey through the pristine waters.

The beach town near Depapre, Papua

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