Where To Find The Best Pies in Christchurch, New Zealand

Lamb Pie \ © Alpha / Flickr
Lamb Pie \ © Alpha / Flickr
Photo of Joe Coates
9 February 2018

The pie simply can’t be improved upon. Messing about with a pie would be – according to Blackadder – ‘like fitting wheels to a tomato; time-consuming and utterly pointless’. Here is our guide to where you can find the best of them in Christchurch.

Pie Face

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Turkey Pie
Turkey Pie | © dann toliver / Flickr

Some times all you need is a pie fix, but all you have is a few bucks in your pocket. There’s nothing worse than this situation when you’re toddling home at the weekend after a very convivial liquid lunch at your local. Luckily, Pie Face, can help you out. They prepare fresh and tasty pies every day, and sell them at such a great price that they’re almost giving them away. They’ve got all the favourites here too, but the straight mince is a sure fire winner.

Good Honest Products Ltd.

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Pudding Pie
Pudding Pie | © Paleontour / Flickr
Good Honest Products Ltd. pride themselves on their good honest ingredients. That’s the key to their success, and success they’ve had. They have legions of loyal customers popping in to grab their coffees, cakes and pastry delights every day. The pies they stock actually come from Fairlie Bakehouse Lieber Pies in Mackenzie Country, but they’re still quality and they’re still pies. And this is a doozy of a bakery.

Bohemian Bakery

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Bohemian Bakery, Nayland Street
Bohemian Bakery, Nayland Street

There have been strong words of praise from those who frequent Bohemian Bakery, and from those who only stop in on their way through town. They have one thing in common, and that is that all the people think that here are perhaps some of the most accomplished bakers in the South Island. If you’re after a seasonal and gourmet pie then this is the place for you. Blue cheese, pumpkin and curried chicken are some of the unconventional ingredients that you can sink your teeth into. Not all in one pie though.

The Naked Baker

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Sesame details
Sesame details | © itravelNZ - New Zealand in your pocket / Flickr

These fine geniuses are aware that such things as skinny lattes, sugar-free yogurt and light cream-cheese have been invented. they know these things are out there and, refreshingly, they have chosen to ignore them. They are bakers who embrace the ancient and noble traditions of excess and doing things right. This excellent mantra extends to their pies. So, if you’re after a pie made with vegan cheese, you’re going to want to carry on travelling. These suckers are belt-busters.

Copenhagen Bakery

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Cafe-style Pie
Cafe-style Pie | © Christian Cable / Flickr

The owner and head baker of this establishment is – unsurprisingly – a Dane. His notion was to create a place where Kiwis could come and eat their favourite dainties, but also cater to Danes who were visiting from overseas. Ironically, he has never gotten on personally with pies, yet the pies he makes have won awards at the prestigious NZ Supreme Pie Competition.

Aorangi Bakery

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Cabinet Food
Cabinet Food | © Itravel NZ / Flickr

Are these the best pies in the entire world? Who can say. They must be close though because if these babies get any better then they’re in serious danger of turning into manna from heaven. There is nothing better than a chicken pie on a cold afternoon, unless it is a chicken pie from Aorangi Bakery.

Village Bakehouse

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NZ Brekkie Combo
NZ Brekkie Combo | © Nova deViator / Flickr

Twenty-five hot meat pies… That’s plenty to be going on with. Even if you treat yourself to one pie a week, you’re looking at half your year filled with weekly pie bliss. How good is that? And the twenty-five fillings? They’re as eclectic, rich and varied as you’d expect from a French baker.

Kidds Cakes and Bakery

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Bakery Treats
Bakery Treats | © Weldon Kennedy / Flickr

This is a one shop stop for everything you need when it comes to baked goods. Want to grab a delicious chilli mince and cheese pie whilst you shop for a wedding cake? No worries, you can do both of those things and grab a barista-made coffee on your way out the door.