The Most Wondrous Health Benefits of Eucalyptus, Australia's Miracle Plant

Eucalyptus | © Ed Dunens/Flickr
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Eucalyptus is a genus of trees with over 700 species, most of which reside on the continent of Australia. They are one of the most prevalent tree species dominating the Australian landscape. The trees hold power in their presence, but eucalyptus oil – the result of steaming the leaves – is marvellously effective, offering many medicinal uses. Here are the most wondrous health benefits of eucalyptus, Australia’s miracle plant.

Killing coughs

Eucalyptus oil is a decongestant with anti-inflammatory properties. It has been proven that this natural oil holds the ability to improve coughs and chronic bronchitis. Home remedies are the most common way for this; apply eucalyptus-infused rub to the chest area or inhale its vapour for an effective and natural solution to coughs.

Eucalyptus Tree

Tackling colds and flu

Natural eucalyptus oil can cleanse the body of harmful toxins as it is an antiviral with antibacterial healing properties – this is mighty beneficial when it comes to dreaded colds and flu. Adding several drops of eucalyptus oil to a diffuser at night can provide great relief from cold and flu symptoms. Alternatively, add a few drops to a basin of hot water and inhale the steam for more immediate relief.

Eucalyptus Tree

Bye bye, fever high

Eucalyptus oil is a trojan when it comes to lowering body temperature – and in turn, fever – due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also widens blood vessels enabling better circulation and allowing the body to return to its natural temperature much faster. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to tepid water before soaking problem areas with the potion.

Eucalyptus Buds and Flowers

Serious stress buster

The potent aroma of eucalyptus oil can act as a much needed stimulant. Acting as a mood booster, the natural oil can allegedly refreshen, revitalise and de-stress users. Mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil in a diffuser and let nature do its thing. Alternatively, take a direct inhalation of the essential oil for an instant boost.

Eucalyptus Forest

Love your locks

Healthy hair is an easy feat if you use eucalyptus oil. This super effective hair care treatment is a DIY task worth giving a go. Add a couple of drops to olive oil, argan or other natural oils and apply one hour before washing hair. This natural treatment will give hair a great bounce and shine. Added bonus: eucalyptus oil is also the chemical-free remedy for hair lice!

Eucalyptus Trees

Say goodbye to bad breath

Because eucalyptus oil is an antiseptic, its great for those wishing to say goodbye to bad breath, naturally. This wonder oil is packed with ingredients that help kill the bacteria which cause bad breath. Just add a drop to your toothbrush before brushing teeth, or a few drops to any mouthwash.

Eucalyptus Forest

Move over muscle aches

As the natural oil extracted from eucalyptus trees is anti-inflammatory, it is the perfect home remedy for achy muscles and general body pains. This treatment can be the perfect cure for just about anyone, including active people and even athletes; just add a good splash of eucalyptus oil to a hot bath and leave the rest to nature.

Eucalyptus Leaves

Tackling malaria

Eucalyptus trees are by nature extremely absorbent; due to this, there have been many instances where they have been deliberately planted to draw water from soil. This has been used as a strategy to reduce the spread of malaria in places such as Algeria, Europe and the United States.

Eucalyptus Trees

A win for skin

Boasting a marvellous amount of natural qualities – such as being antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial – eucalyptus oil is wondrous for the skin. It can act as a natural moisturiser and even a suncream when home-blended with other natural oils.

Eucalyptus Trees

So fresh and so clean

This powerful tree can even mean big business in the kitchen when cutting through grease and grime. Its antibacterial qualities make it a dream for home cleaning, and on top of that, its antifungal properties neutralise odours leaving everything as fresh as a daisy.

Eucalyptus Bark

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