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The 10 Best Bars In Sydney's CBD
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The 10 Best Bars In Sydney's CBD

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Sydney is home to some of the best bars in the country, including everything from great cocktail bars and nightclubs to breweries and pubs. After spending your day walking around the city and seeing everything that there is to see in Australia‘s largest city, you should take the time to relax in one of it’s great bars, or maybe go out partying in one of the city’s nightclubs. Read on to discover the best places to drink in the centre of Sydney.
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Marble Bar

One of the most ostentatiously decorated bars in the whole of Sydney is Marble Bar. Aptly named to reflect the marble pillars, walls and bench tops that echo the Victorian era style and that makes this bar one of the most beloved in the city. This is the place to go if you want to check out live music and try delicious cocktails and wines in a beautiful 19th century building, with it’s original unique interior, architecture and artwork.

Marble Bar, b1/488 George St, Sydney NSW, Australia, +61 2 9266 2000

Marble Bar | Image courtesy of Marble Bar
Marble Bar | Image courtesy of Marble Bar
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Chinese Laundry

Hosting the hottest DJs to grace Sydney’s music scene from around the world, Chinese Laundry is a leading venue in Sydney’s nightlife. Few venues in this city are able to successfully cater to so many different genres of music. Located under a Mexican restaurant in Sydney’s centre called the Slip Inn, this multi-level nightclub is where you can find multiple different rooms playing everything from deep drum and bass to hip-hop and top 40 hits. This may not be the right place for a romantic, relaxed couple of drinks, but it’s perfect if you’re looking for a place to dance the night away.

Chinese Laundry, 111 Sussex St, Sydney NSW, Australia, +61 2 8295 9999

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Adria Bar Restaurant

The flavours of Europe and the Mediterranean are strongly on display at Adria Bar Restaurant, located in the Darling Quarter. This bar and restaurant is European in style, and the décor is sombre and sophisticated, making it a great place to come with friends for a relaxed dinner and drinks. The incredible selection of cocktails that are made fresh using only the best, top quality ingredients and when compared with the great wine list, this bar and restaurant has you covered.

Adria Bar Restaurant, Cockle Bay Wharf, 108 The Prom, Darling Harbour, Australia, +61 1300 989 989

View from Darling Harbour © Tim J Keegan/Flickr
View from Darling Harbour | © Tim J Keegan/Flickr
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They say the best things in life come in threes, and at Redoak they’ve got that philosophy right – as a bar, restaurant and brewery, this venue has the three most important components to eating and drinking. Thanks to the direction of brewer David Hollyoak, Redoak Brewery has won many awards throughout the world for its unique and delicious beers. Redoak invites you to come and taste its selection of well-rounded, aromatic and full-flavoured beers in a relaxed atmosphere in the middle of Sydney’s CBD.

Redoak Boutique Beer Café, 201 Clarence St, Sydney NSW, Australia, +61 2 9262 3303

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Traditional nightclubs are far from what Pacha aims to be, with burlesque shows and aerial circus acts wowing audiences, along with the energetic music from the great DJs every Saturday, this club remains one of the classiest in the city. You will be encapsulated and stunned by the incredible talent on show at this nightclub. The energy that is produced at will pump through you, and you’ll be sure to party long into the night.

Pacha, 330 George St, Sydney NSW, Australia, +61 2 9254 8100

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Bar Luca

You can’t go wrong with a good cocktail with your morning brunch. Some days you just need that extra pick-me-up that coffee just doesn’t satisfy, and that’s where Bar Luca comes in, offering a menu of excellent breakfast and brunch options to be joined with their wide selection of wines from around the world as well as a comprehensive cocktail list. This is the perfect place to go for a breakfast with a bit of extra kick or even just an afternoon drink. Bar Luca’s informal atmosphere has made it a favourite for city workers at all times of day.

Bar Luca, 52 Phillip St, Sydney NSW, Australia, +61 2 9247 9700

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The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel

Since opening in 1941, The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel has maintained its liquor licence and has been operating in the same location and had the same architecture throughout its whole history, making it the oldest continually licensed hotel in Sydney. In 1986, a brewery was added to this hotel, earning it many awards for the world famous natural ales. You can try some of the great beer produced right near the well known Sydney Harbour, along with some great British-style pub food.

The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, 19 Kent St, The Rocks NSW, Australia, +61 2 9251 4044

The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel © sv1ambo/Flickr
The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel | © sv1ambo/Flickr
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Stitch Bar

As one of the leading small bars on Sydney’s night-life scene, Stitch Bar offers a wine list that provides a taste of all of the world’s main wine regions, along with a great array of modern-style cocktails that are delicious and original. Along with this great selection of drinks, this venue also offers a wide variety of bar foods that are inspired by the cuisine found throughout America. This bar, located in the east of Sydney’s CBD, is beloved by Sydney-siders, and for good reason – it’s great.

Stitch Bar, 61 York St, Sydney NSW, Australia, +61 2 9279 0380

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The Basement

The Basement remains one of Sydney’s most iconic bars and is the oldest music venue in the city, having been open since 1972, at the height of the era of a huge change in the global music scene. The Basement was primarily a jazz venue, hosting artists like Dizzy Gillespie and Herbie Hancock. To accompany the great musical experiences, of course The Basement has a well-stocked bar, to provide the best traditional and modern hand-crafted cocktails in this great central city music venue and bar.

The Basement, 29 Reiby Pl, Sydney NSW, Australia, +61 2 9251 2797

The Gerard Masters Trio at The Basement © Iain/Flickr
The Gerard Masters Trio at The Basement | © Iain/Flickr
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Grandma’s Bar

Hidden away in an innocuous basement in the centre of Sydney’s CBD is the relaxed and retro Grandma’s Bar, a cocktail bar that welcomes you to have all five senses delighted thanks to the great customer service, drinks and food on offer. This venue, in the style reflecting that of the Pacific Islands, where the cocktail era began, has been nominated and awarded many accolades, thanks to its style that is unique to Sydney and it’s comprehensive list of cocktails that are inspired by Polynesia and the isles of the Pacific.

Grandma’s Bar. Basement 275 Clarence St, Sydney NSW, Australia, +61 2 9264 3004