An Alternative Guide To Perth And Its Best-Kept Secrets

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Alexa Smith

Perth is the most geographically isolated capital city in the world, surrounded by miles of beautiful greenery, bright white beaches, and distinctly Australian bush land. These relatively untouched natural borders may make Perth less accessible than other major Aussie cities like Sydney and Melbourne, but they’re also part of the city’s unique charm and mystique. This vibrant hidden gem offers a rare blend of lush parks and vineyards, sunny seaside attractions, and cosmopolitan nightlife that can’t be found elsewhere on the continent. If you’re the type of traveler who likes to diverge from mainstream tourist itineraries, read on for seven treasures off the beaten track in this under-the-radar city.

Moore River Sunset

1. St Mary’s Cathedral

Cathedral, Church

Saint Marys Cathedral, Perth Western Australia
© Paul Mayall Australia / Alamy Stock Photo
For those looking to slow down after a hectic marathon itinerary, moment of peace awaits you in the heart of Perth at one of the city’s oldest structures: St Mary’s Cathedral. Dating back to 1865 and renovated in 2009, the cathedral remains a quiet and contemplative oasis amidst the urban rush. The building’s intricately carved old stone is a testament to the beauty of Gothic design, while the nave of the cathedral has received a modern augmentation, with back-lit glass panels installed behind the altar and new supportive steal beams that seamlessly blend old and new. There’s also a lovely sprawl of surrounding gardens and lawns that make for a ideal picnic lunch spot, or a haven for lazing away with a good book in the sun.

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