Inspiring TEDx Talks By Speakers From Australia

Jamie Newell

TED Talks has brought a wide world of information to us in bite-sized chunks, and the rising trend in independent TEDx Talks that are springing up across the globe is contributing significantly to the discussion. Here are eight of the best TEDx Talks held in Australia.

Living Without Fear: Dr Jee Hyun Kim, TEDx Melbourne

An excellent talk breaking down the importance of our early life attachments and how we can learn to live without fear.

The Real Queen of the Desert: Starlady, TEDx Sydney

Remote Aboriginal communities are the last places you might expect a transgender superheroine to find true acceptance. Starlady tells us of the stellar outreach work being undertaken with Aboriginal communities in the red centre.

Finding Power In Culture: Alec Doomadgee, TEDx Sydney

A descendant of the Waanyi, Garawa and Gangalidda tribes from the Aboriginal community of Doomadgee in the gulf of Carpentaria, QLD, Alec recounts how he bridged the gap between his traditional life and his modern life, while challenging us to do the same.

Breaking Through Social And Self Perceived Limitations: Clair Marie a.k.a BASEgirl, TEDx Melbourne

BASEgirl Clair Marie, born and raised in a small mountain town outside South Lake Tahoe in California, tells us how to break through the barriers of self-created and externally imposed limitations.

What’s Your Plan? CJ Hendry, TEDx Brisbane

‘Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face,’ proclaims Artist CJ Hendry, inspired by a famous Mike Tyson quote. CJ Hendry talks of the trials and tribulations of life and how to roll with the punches to work through them. What type of fighter are you?

Being A Refugee Is Not A Choice: Carina Hoang, TEDx Perth

Author and former refugee, Carina Hoang, gives a powerful talk on her experience as a ‘boat person’ and why we should change the narrative.

What Does It Take To Climb Everest? Patrick Hollingsworth, TEDx Perth

Mountaineer Patrick Hollingsworth takes us on a journey via photography, videography, and old-fashioned storytelling on what it takes to summit Everest.

The Art of Dreaming: Maithri Goonetilleke, TEDx Melbourne

After providing aid to Swaziland, Africa, Maithri gained more than he expected and challenges us to embrace the risk that comes with dreaming.

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