The Best Yoga Studios in Dallas

CorePower Yoga
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Dallas places a lot of importance on health and wellness, and it’s not uncommon to find yoga classes held in parks on the weekends. For those looking to start a yoga practice in Dallas or those who just want a top-notch studio that will offer them an easy and efficient yoga experience during a Dallas weekend getaway, we’ve compiled a list of the best yoga studios in Dallas just for you!

1. We Yogis

Yoga Studio

We Yogis is perhaps the most family-friendly yoga studio in Dallas. While there’s plenty of yoga classes for adults and experts like the heated Yogis Power Hour class, they also offer yoga classes for children of different ages, including those for kids age 3–8 and classes for pretweens and tweens. We Yogis also has a supervised children’s center where children can stay while parents complete a yoga class. There’s currently three We Yogis locations in Dallas and a schedule that covers most hours of the day and evening.

2. CorePower Yoga

Yoga Studio

CorePower Yoga offers yoga classes that focus on endurance and strength
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CorePower Yoga is a yoga studio that caters to those who like to push the boundaries of their yoga practice in terms of strength and endurance. Many of the classes at CorePower Yoga are heated, though there are unheated classes for those new to yoga. The classes often center around building strength, flexibility, and detoxing, making this type of studio more equipped to those who want a yoga workout. Those interested in trying CorePower Yoga can take advantage of a free week to see if they like the instructors and modern digs of this nationwide yoga studio.

3. Dallas Yoga Center

Yoga Studio

Dallas Yoga Center has been serving the Dallas community since 1989. Their classes focus on mindfulness, holistic wellness, and meditation. With Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative, and Therapeutic Yoga classes, visitors are sure to have a more traditional yoga experience at Dallas Yoga Center. Meditation, workshops, and teacher training are also available, as are perks for new students like a free day pass to try as many yoga or meditation classes as you’d like.

4. Gaia Flow Yoga

Yoga Studio

Gaia Flow Yoga is a yoga studio in Uptown that blends three styles of traditional schools of yoga — Hatha, Raja, and Bhakti — and links them together with Vinyasa flows. The result: a yoga studio that places focus on a yogi’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. All classes are heated between 92 and 95 degrees, perfect for those who like to sweat and detox during their yoga practice. Most classes are available in the morning and evening, though some days there are lunchtime yoga classes.

5. Uptown Yoga

Yoga Studio

Uptown Yoga has a relaxing yoga studio and mats available at no extra cost
© Uptown Yoga

While many yoga studios in Dallas charge for using their mats or don’t offer showers, Uptown Yoga is a bit different. Set in a modern, but simple space, they have showers, mats, and props available at no extra cost and provide a non-competitive yoga atmosphere. There’s six different classes, with classes for beginners, Vinyasa flows for those of different levels, a core class, prenatal yoga, and a 75-minute class filled with difficult postures, fun music, and meditation.

6. Super Yoga Palace

Yoga Studio

Super Yoga Palace is an East Dallas favorite that was founded in 2009. This bohemian-style studio doesn’t offer a lot of classes each day. Instead, they focus a lot more on creating a welcoming space that helps beginners get in touch with the spirituality and restoration that yoga can offer. Super Yoga Palace is often described as a hidden gem with small class sizes that generally focus on Vinyasa flows, heightened by well-chosen essential oils.

7. Karmany Yoga

Yoga Studio

Dislike yoga studios that require expensive memberships? Karmany Yoga is trying to change that in Dallas. Rooted in a belief that yoga should be for everyone regardless of income level, Karmany Yoga encourages a pay-as-you-go structure with a suggested $18 donation for a class. However, they accept whatever you can afford. With Power Flow and restorative classes, Karmany Yoga is anything but pretentious, creating a laid-back environment for new and old yogis in a spot that tries to make yoga accessible for all.

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