The Best Hipster Spots In Dallas, Texas

Lauren Gruber

Dallas’ young, hip millennial community has helped the city to thrive, from its arts district to its themed, industrial bars. Read ahead for our guide to the best hipster spots in Dallas, Texas.

The Wild Detectives

The Wild Detectives is part bar, part cafe, and part bookstore. A favorite among young millennials, here you can get quality coffee from Davis Street Espresso, local beer, Spanish wine and great literature with a slice of EMPORIUM pie. Located in a renovated house, you can browse their selection of fiction poetry and untranslated Spanish literature. They host a variety of events, from book presentations, signings, and readings to backyard shows and DJ sets. The store offers a world of culture that stimulates the mind and house cocktails that stimulate your inhibitions. Enjoy your cortado or glass of wine while curling up with one of their books.
The Wild Detectives, 314 W 8th St Dallas, TX 75208 214-942-0108

Double Wide

The brother bar of Single Wide, the dive bar Double Wide features outdated 1970’s decor. They offer frozen yoo-hoo yeehaws, twisted tang, Boone’s farm martinis and other house specialties like the Hurritang. You can find live music playing, and it sometimes turns into a country dance hall. Look out for their ‘Cheap A$$ Happy Hour’ Monday to Friday from 5PM to 9PM.
Double Wide, 3510 Commerce St Dallas, TX 75295 214-887-6510

Truck Yard

Truck Yard is a large outdoor patio complete with picnic tables, eat-in truck beds, an airstream bar and a tree-lined canopy. The yard features a circle of Dallas food trucks offering their staple cheesesteaks and signature draft cocktails. You can get ribeye steak, chicken or baby portobello with a plethora of toppings, or go for their combo which includes chips and a pickle. There are also other food options, such as Bombay Chop Stix and Little Greek food truck. Check out their calendar to see what food trucks will be set up, and while you’re there, try to grab a spot in the treehouse that serves hand-bottled craft cocktails.
Truck Yard, 5624 Sears St Dallas, TX 75206 469-500-0139

The Foundry

The Foundry boasts both a modern industrial scene inside, with seats in large containers and a large patio outside. The bar offers a large selection of drafts and bottled beers from micro-breweries, along with very affordable bar fare. Make sure to indulge in their menu of natural fruits, local and hormone free chicken and waffles, or pecan wood-fired rotisserie.
The Foundry, 2303 Pittman St Dallas, TX 75208 214-749-1112

Xtina L/Flickr


Named after The Smiths’ final record, Strangeways is known for its great selection of beers. You’ll always find several new and adventurous beers you’ve never heard of available for purchase, and there is almost always something casked. The bar is geared towards the millennials and Generation ‘X,’ with action figures and rock’ n roll memorabilia adorning the walls. Here you can find gourmet dishes like goat’s cheese balls with strawberries and vinaigrette or house hummus.
Strangeways, 2429 N Fitzhugh Ave Dallas, TX 75204 214-823-7800

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