Culture Trip’s Big Return in 2023

Culture Trip CEO Ana Jakimovska shares some of the highlights from Culture Trip in 2023
Culture Trip CEO Ana Jakimovska shares some of the highlights from Culture Trip in 2023

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As we approach the end of the year and look back at a successful 2023, we share some of our biggest achievements as we peer forward to exciting times ahead and reflect on some of the challenges of the last 12 months.

2023 truly felt like the year when the world started to travel again. Everyone at Culture Trip has certainly made the most of the opportunity to explore, utilising our excellent in-house experts to find incredible destinations that have reminded all of us why we work in the industry in the first place.

Ana Jakimovska, Culture Trip’s CEO has reflected on the highs and lows of 2023.

A Year of Unprecedented Growth and Trust

This year has been our most successful yet for trips, with more travelers than ever choosing Culture Trip as their trusted guide. We’re thrilled to see our community grow, embracing our curated adventures and valuing our commitment to sustainable and responsible travel. It’s a clear sign that our passion for creating unique and meaningful travel experiences resonates deeply with you.

A Year of Contrasts and Compassion

This year marked a significant return to travel, reminding us of the joys of discovery. Yet, it was also a year where global events, like the earthquakes in Morocco and Turkey, moved us profoundly. These events reinforced our commitment for positive change, inspiring us to contribute significantly to recovery efforts and support those in need.

Innovation and Exploration at the Forefront

We’ve seen remarkable growth in our curated trips.The vertical that particularly excelled is our Rail Trips, signifying a shift towards more sustainable travel. Our experts Chiara and Adam, led by Stefano, have been instrumental in crafting these unique journeys, bringing unforgettable experiences from the Scottish highlands to Taiwan’s coasts. A special mention to our tech team for creating an intuitive website and app, and to our marketing team for their exceptional work in showcasing the unique benefits of traveling with Culture Trip. Their efforts have played a crucial role in our success.

Culture Trip made a return to World Travel Market in 2023. The packed event was an excellent chance for the team to connect with like minded media and industry experts.

Our Team: The Heart of Culture Trip

This year, our team’s zeal for travel shone brightly. Stefano’s journeys in Jordan and Brazil, Cassam’s sabbatical from Canada to Singapore and Adam’s working adventures in Spain, France and Australia were all keenly followed by the company. Elsewhere, Katie and the Travel Team’s unwavering commitment, were instrumental in securing our high customer satisfaction (achieving a score of 4.8/5!). As we continue to be remote first – meeting up whenever we need to as a company – we welcomed our US team of Travel Experts, Max & Shelby over in the summer for a strategy day followed by Crystal Maze. Thanks to all our freelancers, Local Insiders and absent friends who joined us in spirit.

After a hectic start to 2023 the team got together in London to talk strategy and unwind at the Crystal Maze experience.

Revitalising Our Media Presence

The revitalization of our media propositions, led by Juliette with help from Gethin, Stela and Sara, has been a major achievement. Collaborations with brands like Skyscanner and TOHOKU x TOKYO have resulted in inventive content that engages our audience. Our Pittsburgh and Nevada destination hubs are prime examples of how we’re captivating travelers with rich, informative content.

Ana Jakimovska (in red) at the ‘Trailblazing a journey of passion’ event held by Forbes and Courtyard by Marriott

Looking Forward to 2024

As we step into 2024, we continue with our mission to change the lives of our customers with an ever-growing selection of travel itineraries from around the world. From upcoming hiking trips to a host of other surprises, we’re dedicated to offering journeys that not only delight but also foster deeper connections and mindful travel. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion remains at the core of our ethos, as we learn from our past and look ahead to new opportunities to inspire and connect with our community.

The Culture Trip team attend the launch of King Charles III in central London

​​I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for being an integral part of our journey. Your support, your passion for exploration, and your choice to travel with Culture Trip contribute to a world that’s more connected and kinder to our planet. Here’s to more adventures, shared stories, and unforgettable experiences in 2024. Thank you for trusting us to be your companion on this incredible journey of discovery.

Warmest regards,

Ana Jakimovska

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