10 Things To Expect When Visiting Houston, Texas

Houston Rodeo
Houston Rodeo | © bjoern/Flickr
Brianna Drisdale

Beautiful architecture, immense culture, and great food are just a few of the reasons Houston continues to rank highly among other metropolitan cities in the U.S. Before you board a flight to H-Town, there are a few things about this city that can be downright confusing to any out-of-towner. Read below for 10 things that will save time and help make your visit memorable.

Humidity, Heat And Unpredictable Weather

Houston weather is hot and humid the majority of the year. This past Christmas, the city clocked in at 84 degrees! Houston weather can also be unpredictable – experience all four seasons in one day unpredictable. So don’t skimp on sunscreen when visiting, but also pack a light jacket along with plenty of tank tops. Pro tip: Not one for sweltering heat waves? Visit Houston during mid-February to April.

Main Street


This Mexican-inspired, Texas-infused cuisine cannot be fully appreciated until eaten in Houston. This is the home of the original steak fajitas, queso and chile con carne. Free chips and salsa are only the beginning of a delicious meal you can only find in Texas.



Manners are our thing in the South, so ‘yes sirs’ and ‘no ma’ams’ are habitual responses, like saying ‘bless you’ after a sneeze. Avoid awkwardness from kind strangers and anticipate that famous Southern charm.

Southern Drawl

Fast talkers, be aware; speech in the South is a lot slower. Expect your patience and comprehension to be tested while adjusting to the tendency to stretch the ending of most words in Houston. Pro tip: Howdy is an acceptable greeting anywhere in Texas.

Houston’s Cool Factor

Houston culture can be summed up as the perfect mix of country and cool. Both celebrity and cowboy spottings are the norm here. The vastness of Houston allows room for everyone, no matter your preference, to fit in and flourish. Hang with hipsters in the Heights or cruise the swanky bars that line downtown’s streets with the high society. Not your scene? Don’t worry, as Houston’s got plenty of options to accommodate any tastes. Pro tip: Don’t leave without sipping a frozen margarita or scarfing down a patty melt from Whataburger.


Embracing of All Cultures

Houston is a hub for diversity in America. More cultures and nations are represented here than anywhere else in the country. With over 90 different cultures proudly represented in H-Town, examples of cultural pride can be found in art, politics, and food. Pro tip: Don’t turn down a chance to check out a cultural event, like the Japan, Polish, or Caribbean festival. These events are packed with delicious food and fascinating people from all over the world.

Concrete Jungle

The city of Houston is always under construction. Expansions or repairs improve access within the city and beautify Houston. These steady developments mean lots of detours, roadblocks, and traffic. Pro tip: Use Houston Transtar for an up-to-date construction schedule.



Six million residents occupy Houston and its surrounding areas. So the chances of being held captive in a traffic jam are extremely likely. Thanks to constant construction, accidents, and the sheer volume of people on the highways, Houston’s traffic is exhausting. Pro tip: 9am-3pm is typically the sweet spot for traffic during the week when it is not as hectic.

Events and Attractions

No matter the time of year, Houston is a place of celebration! Enjoy the one-of-a-kind livestock and rodeo shows in the spring, or be dazzled by the magical winter lights festival in December. Visitors of Houston can also tour the NASA Johnson Space Center year-round, or go for a swim at Galveston beach, about an hour out of the city. Pro tip: Come back in 2017 when Houston hosts the 54th Super Bowl at the NRG Stadium!

You’ll Be Back

With so many great advantages to the city of Houston, it’s no wonder more and more people visit each year or make Houston their home. Cheap cost of living, job opportunities, and a wide selection of schools make Houston the ideal place to start a family.

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