Don't Panic at the Best Escape Rooms in Nashville

You only have 60 minutes to find your way out
You only have 60 minutes to find your way out | © The Escape Game
Leena Kollar

If you thrive on a challenge, work well as a member of a team, and are all about trying to achieve your goals, you’re in luck! No, this isn’t a job interview (but if it was, you’d nail it.) This is an overview of the coolest escape rooms in Nashville. Whether you go with friends or co-workers, you’ll have a blast trying to find your way out of these locked spaces.

1. Music City Escape Room

Sports Center

With just one hour to escape, will your team be able to do it? There are three fun adventures to choose from at this escape room that allows you to join forces as a group of superheroes, students of wizardry, or as contestants on a Japanese reality game show. Players must work strategically to find their way out before the clock strikes 60 minutes. Two of the games — (Japanese Thriller and Superhero Adventure) can accommodate up to nine players and the third (Wizards and Spells) can accommodate as many as five. Children under 12 years old are welcome to join their families for the fun but will be charged the same rates as other players.

2. Escape Experience - Nashville Escape Games

Sports Center

This interactive experience gives groups 60 minutes to break out of prison, solve a mystery, or save mankind. Teams must work together to find clues and decode messages to escape before time runs out. Doors to the escape rooms are locked while players are inside, although each exit door has an automatic exit button for those overwhelmed or claustrophobic players who need to leave the room. The timer does continue to count down while players are outside. Those who succeed at finding their way out (sans the exit door) receive a victory photo and a free “I Escaped” sticker.

3. The Escape Game

Amusement Park, Sports Center
© The Escape Game

Grab your friends and book a game at this adventure spot, where players work together to plan an escape. Teams select from several different challenges and have one hour to complete their mission. Choose from Playground, The Heist, Mission: Mars, Gold Rush, Prison Break, and Nashville. Each challenge has something unique to offer and the games range in level of difficulty. Escape games are not just for friends, though, because they require players to strategize and communicate well; many corporations arrange employee escapes as a way to foster team-building. This location recommends its games for people 13 and older, and requires those under 18 to have an adult sign a waiver.

4. Locked: Escape Game Franklin

Sports Center

If you’re terrified of being locked in a room with no way out, you might not want to visit this Franklin attraction. If the challenge of finding your way out of a locked room sounds fun, you’ll probably enjoy visiting. With two different escape experiences, this game gives players one hour to work in groups of two to 10 people and find a way out of the room they choose. Teams can either try to escape from a research facility that’s been compromised with deadly gas, or maneuver their way out of a desolate land that is cursed by an evil queen. Most games are ideal for ages 12 and up, and all players age 14 and under are required to play with an adult in the room.

5. Breakout Games

Amusement Park, Sports Center

Get your adrenaline pumping and your mind going different directions by playing a game in one of this adventure center’s escape rooms. Follow clues, crack codes, and solve problems to lead your team to the escape door. Whether you choose Mystery Mansion, Do Not Disturb, Island Escape, Hostage, Operation: Casino, or The Kidnapping, you and your friends are sure to have 60 minutes of heart-pounding fun.

6. Extreme Escape Games

Amusement Park, Sports Center
© Extreme Escape Games

As the largest escape game facility in Tennessee, this spot has six different game themes to choose from. Try your luck stuck in a room where the secrets of a former zombie apocalypse exist or try and decipher the true intentions of a secret agent. The games require a minimum of four players, who must complete their escape in just 60 minutes. Enjoy the fun with friends, co-workers, or for a special occasion. Anyone older than three can play the games but those under 18 years old must have a waiver signed by an accompanying adult.

7. Trapped Escape Game

Amusement Park, Sports Center

Crack the codes, piece the clues together, and work with your team to get out; that’s the goal of this game. Teams have 60 minutes to play Asylum, Alcatraz, or Capone and beat the clock so they can escape the room. The interactive experience is great for bonding or team building and is ideal for those who enjoy a challenge. Each room can accommodate between two and eight players and there is no age limit to play. Prices vary, depending on the ages of the players. Those between 10 and 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

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