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Top Places To Eat In Greenville, North Carolina
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Top Places To Eat In Greenville, North Carolina

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Updated: 1 December 2016
Greenville, one of the biggest cities in North Carolina’s Coastal Plains region, was ranked by Forbes as one of the best places for small businesses in the US. It’s therefore no surprise to find there are many great places to eat here, including numerous locally owned restaurants. Here’s our guide to the 10 best restaurants to try.
The Scullery is one of the best places to eat in Greenville, SC
The Scullery | Courtesy The Scullery
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The Scullery

The Scullery really makes an effort to source ingredients locally and so their coffee, milk, and honey, among other things, are all from nearby North Carolina establishments. This spot may appear to be just a coffee shop, but the lunches and dinners here are also fresh and full of flavor from whatever region of the world the cooks decide to channel on any particular day.

The Scullery, 341 Evans St, Greenville, NC, USA, +1 252 321 1550

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Starlight Café

The menu at Starlight Café showcases influences from all over the world, offering many things that would be hard to find elsewhere in the area. Take their oyster bar, for example, that brings in oysters from the nearby coast daily and prepares them however the customer would like, or their entrees, which range from Hungarian (the chicken paprika) to Cajun (Creole catfish) with several French and Belgian choices in between.

Starlight Cafe, 104 W Fifth St, Greenville, NC, USA, +1 252 707 9033

Al fresco dining at Sup Dogs makes it one of the best places to eat in Greenville, NC
Sup Dogs Deck | © Courtesy of Sup Dogs, Bret Olivero
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Sup Dogs

Every college town needs a late-night student choice, and it’s hard to find a better one than Sup Dogs. Be sure to come with your decision faculties still intact however, because when you’re looking at the lists of specialty dogs and burgers, each one is bound to look better than the previous.

Sup Dogs, 213B East Fifth St, Greenville, NC, USA, +1 252 752 7682

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B’s Barbecue

B’s is the definition of ‘old school’. They don’t have a phone, they only accept cash, the building resembles an old shed and they close every day when they run out of food. Yet B’s Barbecue has a very deserved position on the best places to eat in Greenville, NC. A visit to B’s will get you some of the best Eastern North Carolina barbecue around.

B’s Barbecue, 51 B’s Barbecue Rd, Greenville, NC, USA

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Villedge is the perfect place to go for a classy night. With a menu that’s half southern and half populated by dishes originating from elsewhere in the States, there’s something for every taste. They have their own wood-fired oven in the center of the restaurant, which they use for their flatbreads and various other dishes. This is a great place to enjoy local flavors with locally sourced ingredients.

Villedge, 207 Greenville Blvd SW, Greenville, NC, USA, +1 252 355 9500

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While you can get delicious food at Winslow’s Deli, Tavern and Market, the real selling point is the selection of drinks. Winslow’s prides itself on having some of the most extensive beer, wine, bourbon and whiskey lists in the region. They have 46 taps, from each of which flows a unique American craft beer, including microbrews and seasonal specialties. If you still can’t find anything you like, have a look at the beer and wine market, where the shelves and shelves of six-packs will surely leave you satisfied.

Winslow’s, 120 W 5th St, Greenville, NC, USA, +1 252 364 8921

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Cinnamon 419

Cinnamon is only one of a myriad spices that you’ll find at this Indian restaurant. It has all the Indian favorites, such as samosas and pakoras for appetizers, a kebab sampler, various biryanis, a long list of vegetarian dishes and even meat straight from their own tandoor. The restaurant also makes its own succulent naan; try the peshwari version, which comes stuffed with raisins, nuts, and coconut.

Cinnamon 419, 419 Evans St, Greenville, NC, USA, +1 252 551 3253

Greenville from above| © Kol2/WikimediaCommons
Greenville from above | © Kol2/WikimediaCommons
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Basil’s Restaurant

Basil’s menu is replete with Greek, Italian, and New York-Italian offerings. Veggie-inclined visitors will find a sumptuous salad menu, while the carnivores will be happy with their selection of ‘infused burgers’, or burgers stuffed with cheese and other toppings. Basil’s is also one of the best and most authentic Italian restaurants in Greenville.

Basil’s,1675 E Firetower Rd, Greenville, NC, USA, +1 252 353 5800

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Anchalee Thai Restaurant

Greenville might not seem like the most likely place to find authentic Thai cuisine, but that’s exactly what you get with Anchalee Thai Restaurant. The interior is gorgeously decorated with Thai elements, which only compliments the menu. You’ll find delicious curries and at Anchalee, they’re happy to modify the spiciness of the dish to suit your fancy.

Anchalee Thai Restaurant, 3400 S Memorial Dr, Greenville, NC, USA, +1 252 756 2852