Where to Try a Sound Bath in New York

Sound baths, New York, USA.
Sound baths, New York, USA. | © SaraAuster.com
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Wellness Editor27 October 2017

The things that define New York as special—its 24 hour schedule, feverish energy, and concrete landscape—are the same things that make this place challenging. NYC is a wellness-focused city because it needs to be, and the trend currently resonating (literally) with New Yorkers is sound baths.

During a sound bath resonant, overtone-emitting instruments—like crystal singing bowls and tuning forks—are played over the resting bodies of those in attendance. This kind of auditory immersion is an entryway to the kind of deep meditative states most New Yorkers can only dream of, and regulars say the effect is accumulative, so sign up for a couple of these sonic soundscapes and soak up the zen vibes.


Yoga Studio
MNDFL meditation studio, New York, USA.
MNDFL meditation studio, New York, USA. | © Monica Lee
The rapid expansion of this meditation studio, which now has three locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, is a testament to the growing appeal of the practice. There are many disciplines offered at MNDFL, from Buddhism based “loving kindness” to simple breathwork, but the sound experience makes meditation particularly accessible. If you can, catch a workshop with Sara Auster, the studio’s sound director and leader of the sound bath movement.

Ishta Yoga

Yoga Studio
Ishta Yoga, a studio founded by Yogiraj (advanced teacher) Alan Finger, has a seriously legit lineage and is considered one of the city’s most authentic studios by many NYC yogis. Keep an eye of the schedule and catch a Soundbath Concert by Aya and Tyler—a musical duo who layer mantra vocals with shamanic rhythms and indigenous instruments that’ll reverberate through every cell.

WOOM Center

Yoga Studio
Woom Center, Yoga
Woom Center, Yoga
New York’s most unique yoga studio is an all-encompassing sensory experience. The goal, explains WOOM co-founder Elian Zach is to “create the safest and most perfect setting for a meaningful exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness, with sound being our primary tool.” The Friday evening “Sound Journey” facilitated by Zach and her husband will take your mind in unexpected directions.

Maha Rose

By Lisa Miller / Maha Rose

This neighborhood healing center in Greenpoint, North Brooklyn, has the kind of cosy ambiance that’s necessary for a sound bath. Music psychotherapist Katie Down hosts sell-out sessions on the second and last Sunday of every month—the perfect way to wind down from the week and meet Monday head on.


Gym, Yoga Studio
SKY TING YOGA - Chinatown, New York
SKY TING YOGA - Chinatown, New York
Leave it to one of the city’s hippest yoga studios to be on top of the wellness trends. On Saturday and Wednesday evenings SKY TING’s light-filled studios in Chinatown and Tribeca are filled with blankets and bolsters, creating a cosy nook for an 1.5 hour sonic experience guided by Nate Martinez.

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