Top 10 Karaoke Bars In NYC

Karaoke| © Steven Lilley/flickr
Karaoke| © Steven Lilley/flickr
Photo of Rachelle Eason
11 January 2017

Nothing beats a night of singing your heart out with some friends. Whether you need a little liquid courage or you were simply born to be on stage, karaoke brings people from all walks of life together. Here are the top 10 karaoke bars in New York City; gargle some salt water and break a leg.

Duet 35

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If you’re looking to have a more intimate night among friends, then head over to Duet 35. Rent out rooms for your group (the largest room fits 28 people) and sing your heart out. The best part? Since these are private rooms, only your friends can hear you. Duet 35 offers specials like the karaoke marathon: for $12, patrons can sing all they want from open until 8pm.

Baby Grand

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An enormous neon sign hangs above the bar at Baby Grand
An enormous neon sign hangs above the bar at Baby Grand | © Akira Ruiz

This intimate bar knows how to gets its patrons out of their comfort zones. There are no private rooms, so if you come to Baby Grand with your friends, don’t expect much privacy. But don’t let this discourage you; Baby Grand attracts a laid-back crowd. Aspiring rock stars should come on the first Wednesday of every month, when a live band plays backup while you take the spotlight.

The Alligator Lounge

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The Alligator Lounge isn’t your typical karaoke bar; it’s an actual bar with a karaoke night. Like every trendy bar in Brooklyn, The Alligator Lounge hosts events every night, and Friday nights happen to be karaoke nights. Starting at 10pm, grab your friends and head down to the lounge to sing some of your favorite songs while enjoying some free pizza with the purchase of a drink.

Bar Karaoke

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If you happen to be in Koreatown, then give 5 Bar Karaoke a try. The décor varies by room, but you can almost always find some type of laser light show or props like bongos. This is one of the few karaoke bars that offers a good selection of music alongside great food and drink menus. If you don’t want to reserve a room, you can join the crowd and listen to others sing.

Radio Star

Bar, Cocktail Bar, Restaurant with Rooms, Pub Grub, American, $$$
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Radio Star Karaoke
Radio Star Karaoke | © InSapphoWeTrust/Flickr
Pay a little extra and go to Radio Star, where there’s a neat binder for songs and a separate binder for artists, making the selection process easy and organized. Or plan ahead and choose a song from the website. The décor features vintage microphones and radios, and rooms vary from four- to 40-person capacity. This bar is definitely on the pricey side and can cost you $40 for an hour of singing, but it’s worth it.

Rockstar Karaoke

Forget reading lyrics off of a television set; this is real live karaoke. Rockstar Karaoke offers a new spin on classic karaoke bars; follow the live band to different bars around the city and enjoy your ‘fifteen minutes’ as lead singer. This is a popular event, so a lot of people sign up for time in the spotlight. Get there early so you can put your name down on the list.

Various locations

Gagopa Karaoke

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Gagopa Karaoke understands that alcohol can be pricey, but that it’s also necessary for a lot of aspiring karaoke performers. If you want to drink while you sing, Gogopa is BYOB. Gagopa has recently updated its song list to include 2016 songs, which you can check online beforehand to make sure you’re prepared. The rooms are pricey, but with all the song options, it’s worth the splurge.

Planet Rose

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There’s a lot to take in upon entering Planet Rose: the abundance of red accents, the zebra print chairs, and the bar. What you don’t see is a stage. The intimate seating area and wireless mics allow for a portable kind of karaoke. Choose from a long list of songs. On weeknights, Planet Rose offers two free songs, and you can avoid the larger weekend crowds.

Sing Sing Karaoke

For those who like crowds, Sing Sing is the place to be. Make new friends while you wait to sing in the main bar. There’s no flat rate fee if you plan on staying in the main area, so as long as you purchase a minimum of one drink, each song will cost you about $2, and you can stay as long as you’d like. For those who prefer a private space with friends, you can rent out rooms for $8 an hour with a minimum of four people.

Karaoke One 7

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Much like Sing Sing, Karaoke One 7 is best for those who like to mix and mingle. If you don’t mind all the people, then hang out at the bar area (which happens to be the main karaoke area, as well). Each song will cost you $2, and you get to pick from an iPad. If you are the quiet type or just want to have a night out with friends, private rooms are available for rental.

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