NYC Workouts That'll Banish Your Bad Mood

© Bari Studio
© Bari Studio
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Wellness Editor7 September 2017

The most overlooked benefit of exercise is how emotionally transformative it can be. New York’s boutique fitness studios don’t just provide a workout for your body, they also help you work through a stressful day, a tumultuous break-up, or one of those “meh” phases. Here’s where to find a sweat therapy session in the city.

Feeling stressed? Try yin yoga at Modo

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Yoga in general is a doctor-approved method of stress reduction, but some styles are geared towards relaxation more than others. The Modo Yoga studio is heated (cozy) and the yin class comprises a slow, passive sequence of seated and reclined poses, designed to loosen the muscles and joints. You’ll sleep well afterwards.

Feeling sad? Try trampolining at Bari Studio

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Bounce class at Bari
Bounce class at Bari | © Bari Studio
The antidote to melancholy is choreographed bouncing on a mini trampoline, AKA rebounding. The act of bopping around to thumping music makes it impossible to stay blue, plus the intense cardio gives you a natural endorphin boost post-class. Bari Studio mixes bouncing with strength moves and dance for a well-rounded and effective workout.

Feeling anxious? Try running with Mile High Run Club

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Run it out at Mile High
Run it out at Mile High | © Mile High Run Club
When you’re riddled with anxiety, address it the evolutionary way: think fight or flight. Mile High Run Club is a treadmill-based workout consisting of sprinting and jogging intervals, plus some strength work, that will help you burn off anxious energy as you burn off calories.

Feeling angry? Try boxing at Rumble

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Unleash the rage at Rumble
Unleash the rage at Rumble | © Rumble Boxing
When you’ve been restraining yourself, biting your tongue all day, and desperately need an outlet for the rage, Rumble is where you need to be. Unleash on a water-filled punch bag while hip hop reverberates through nightclub-quality speakers. You’ll leave feeling sweaty and chilled.

Feeling depressed? Try spin at SoulCycle

Shake the blues at spin | © SoulCycle

When you’re really down in the dumps, a spin class probably seems like the last thing you want to participate in, but SoulCycle’s instructors are on a mission to empower and motivate you. Endorphin-boosting cardio, plus encouraging mantras and a candle-lit setting will help you get out of your own head and into the moment.

Feeling frustrated? Try The Class by Taryn Toomey

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Classes at Taryn Toomey’s Tribeca studio are full of (mainly) women, seeking a release as well as a workout. It’s not necessarily the format that makes The Class so unique—essentially high-intensity intervals and yoga-type moves—it’s Toomey’s ability to provoke an emotional response with her words. Come ready to scream, cry, and let it all out.

Feeling vulnerable? Try dancing with the Vixen army

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A room full of supportive women strutting and singing and twerking to Beyonce is just the thing when you’re feeling a bit raw and vulnerable. One hour of judgement-free movement at Vixen will have you feeling like you can conquer the city, and maybe even the world.