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The Top 10 Coffee Shops In The West Village
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The Top 10 Coffee Shops In The West Village

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The West Village is a small, European-style neighborhood filled with atmospheric restaurants, quaint boutiques and cozy cafes. This area’s intimate and quiet aura sets it apart from the rest of New York: grab some work or your favorite book and sit down at one of these top ten cafes.
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Birch Coffee

Birch was started by two passionate coffee lovers with the shared mantra that ‘if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ With six locations across the city, Birch Coffee fosters a caring environment for customers through attentive staff and quality coffee. Check out their website for film shorts in which regular customers are interviewed.

Birch Coffee, 56 7th Ave New York, NY, USA, +(212) 929-1444

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Ciao for Now

A family owned cafe and bakery, Ciao for Now offers a friendly environment for customers with a commitment to organic, scrumptious desserts. With an original and delicious menu, Ciao for Now invites you to stop by for an afternoon, or host your private events and parties with their catering options. You can even design your own cake.

Ciao for Now, 107 W 10th St New York, NY, USA, +(212) 929-8363

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The Coffee Foundry

The Coffee Foundry is a great place to get exquisite coffee while studying or working, with outlets, free WiFi and even study rooms available. The cafe turns into a karaoke bar at night, so stick around and enjoy some music after a long workday.

The Coffee Foundry, 186 West 4th Street New York, NY, USA, +(646) 535-5220

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Doma Cafe & Gallery

Doma Cafe & Gallery offers Czech, German and Austrian-inspired products. They create a homey feel for their customers who come for the comfort food and drinks. Doma is a comparatively quiet coffee shop with walls of original art works, so become immersed in this quaint atmosphere while sipping on your coffee. Check out their blog for a musical event schedule.

Doma Cafe & Gallery, 27 Morton St New York, NY, USA, +(212) 929-4339

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Grounded Organic Coffee & Tea House

Known for its organic selection of coffee and tea, Grounded Organic Coffee & Tea House takes pride in their top-notch quality, specifically their dairy, which they get fresh from Upstate New York. The cafe has friendly, knowledgeable baristas who are ready to take your order, from coffee to bagels, breakfast burritos or scrumptious cookies. There is sufficient space to work as well as free WiFi.

Grounded Organic Coffee & Tea House, 28 Jane St New York, NY, USA, +(212) 647-0943

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Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

With six different locations in New York, Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee aims to perfect your coffee experience by fostering a sense of community with intimate spaces that bustle on weekday mornings. Choose from a large selection of hot and cold drinks, from espresso and loose-leaf tea to hot cider and honey cinnamon lattes.

Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee, 138 W 10th St New York, NY, USA, +(212) 929-0821

The Grey Dog

Started by two brothers who were wandering artists, The Grey Dog now has four different locations around New York City. The Grey Dog has a unique charm, great for a cup of coffee or an afternoon brunch. Once you have finished your meal, stop by the gift shop to peruse the shirts, mugs and coffee available for purchase to highlight your love for this hip cafe.

The Grey Dog, 49 Carmine St New York, NY, USA, +1 212 462 0041

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Built on fair, traceable, quality and sustainable coffee, Joe emphasizes a commitment to brewing only the highest quality coffee. Now with 10 cafes across the city, the West Village location has driven staff who aim to create relationships with their customers built on trust and appreciation. Offering additional milk options from almond to soy and 2%, Joe is always crowded with people who need their daily fix. Joe also offers classes for aspiring baristas as well as packaged coffee to brew at home.

Joe, 141 Waverly Pl New York, NY, USA, +(212) 924-6750

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MAZA Espresso Bar

A relatively new addition to the neighborhood, MAZA has already accumulated a wide customer base serving Greek-style coffee with hovoli on copper trays. The space is modern and chic with seating and free WiFi. MAZA sells healthy, Mediterranean-inspired fare, to include freshly baked flat breads, Greek bagels with cream cheese, pesto, salmon or prosciutto, and yogurt with a wide selection of fruits, jams and other unique toppings.

MAZA Espresso Bar, 30 Carmine St New York, NY, USA, +(212) 580-2303

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Prodigy Coffee

With a single location, Prodigy Coffee commits to perfecting every detail, ensuring the best possible customer experience. Their coffee is roasted at their sister company, Gotham Coffee Roasters, and out-of-town customers can buy Prodigy beans online. The store is quaint yet comfortable, just large enough to sit down with a book and enjoy a double espresso, cappuccino or hot chocolate paired with a delicious pastry.

Prodigy Coffee, 33 Carmine St New York, NY, USA, +(212) 414-4142