The Top Things to Do and See in Montauk, New York

Courtesy of Zum Schneider
Courtesy of Zum Schneider
Montauk, New York is full of characters and attractions. Enjoy its carefree lifestyle with visits to German beer halls and historic horseback tours. This piece of Long Island boasts New York’s most eclectic travel itinerary. Here are the best things to see and do on your visit to Montauk.

Deep Hollow Ranch

Farm Shop, American
Deep Hollow Ranch, Oldest Cattle Ranch in USA, Montauk, Long Island, New York, USA
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Montauk’s beautiful vistas are even better on horseback at Deep Hollow Ranch. A Montauk must-visit, this is the oldest working ranch in the United States, and hosts horseback tours across 3,000 acres (1,215ha) of New York beaches and countryside. This local legend welcomes all experience levels and backgrounds, and promises to make an American cowboy (or girl) out of any willing visitor.
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Montauk Brewing Company

Bar, North American

The only way this easygoing beach paradise can be improved is by pairing it with a perfectly picked local beer. Infused with the same carefree flavor as the place itself, Montauk Brewing Company churns out laid-back brews with names such as Summer Ale and Wave Chaser IPA. Between its Instagram-worthy packaging and beachfront barn, this brewery specializes in serving up a taste of summer year-round.

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Naturally Good

Cafe, Healthy

If you’ve had one too many beers or fish sandwiches (yes, that is possible) get your body back on track by making your way to Naturally Good Foods and Cafe. Since 1985 this haven of wellbeing has kept Montauk locals healthy – and just as importantly, happy – with natural and organic groceries and cosmetics. Tip: come hungry to this healthful café, where fan-favorite fresh yellowfin tuna sandwiches are enjoyed with abandon.

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Set inside a ‘reconfigured’ guestroom at a Montauk hotel, R09M (pronounced Room 9) is not your ordinary shopping experience. Featuring finds from underground, established, and designer vintage labels, this multi-brand boutique (which has earned write-ups in Harper’s Bazaar and Hamptons Magazine) also offers live music performances and art installations. Intriguing patrons with its tagline ‘there will be miracles’ R09M is a little miracle in itself.
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Ditch Plains Beach

Natural Feature
Ditch Plains Beach Montauk Long Island New York
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Whether your outdoor persona is surfer or shutterbug, you’re sure to savor an experience at Ditch Plains Beach. Out on the Montauk Peninsula, the beach boasts dramatic bluffs, walking trails, and board-friendly waves, lending itself to adventurers and admirers alike. Be sure to bring a parking permit – the only beach day souvenir worse than sunburn is an even nastier parking ticket.
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Montauk Point State Park

One of Montauk’s premier attractions is its natural scenery, and no site offers more of this than Montauk Point State Park. The park is home to New York State’s oldest lighthouse, surf fishing sites, and trails enjoyed year-round by hikers and skiers. Don’t miss the waterfront views, where you can observe the Atlantic Ocean as it converges with the Block Island Sound.
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Inlet Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant, Seafood, $$$
One of many seafood restaurants in Montauk, Inlet Seafood Restaurant stands out for its fresh fish catches, many of which were swimming until very recently. Trust six local fishermen to deliver the town’s freshest locally-landed seafood; you can watch them unload it 150ft (45m) from the kitchen. The boat-to-table fare includes fluke piccata, tuna tartare with avocado, and what’s promised to be ‘the freshest sushi you’ve ever tasted.’
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Lake Montauk

Natural Feature
View of boats docked in marina at sunset
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Don’t let the name fool you: this little lake promises a boatload of action. In fact, Lake Montauk hasn’t been a lake at all since former Montauk owner Carl Fisher first let ocean water in (it’s now technically an estuary). A century on, the lake is a small port, and home to numerous commercial and sport fishing boats. Take to the sea (almost) via the popular ferry and fishing charter services.
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These recommendations were updated on September 12, 2020 to keep your travel plans fresh.