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Maharlika Brunch | © erin/Flickr
Maharlika Brunch | © erin/Flickr

The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Clinton Hill, New York City

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Updated: 29 September 2016
Clinton Hill is an up and coming Brooklyn neighborhood, located between Bedford-Stuyvesant and Fort Greene. Featuring some extraordinary restaurant options for any brunch aficionado, diners will find an eclectic mix of food and drinks in a colorful variety of casual, welcoming atmospheres. Here’s the 10 best brunch spots in Clinton Hill.

Alice’s Arbor

Alice’s Arbor emphasizes farm-to-table cooking with a seasonal menu and a rustic ambience to match. One of their most exciting brunch offerings is their prix-fixe deal, which includes a range of entrées, coffee, tea, or juice, and a mimosa or Bloody Mary for less than $20. Amongst their staple brunch dishes like French toast and eggs Benedict are seasonal, farm-sourced dishes like kale salad, chilaquiles, and crab hash. Their farm-fresh ingredients and reclaimed décor make Alice’s Arbor a standout in Clinton Hill.

Alice’s Arbor, 549 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 399 3003

Œufs Benedict / Eggs benedict | © Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin/Flickr

Œufs Benedict / Eggs benedict | © Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin/Flickr


SoCo is a southern fusion restaurant that offers exciting menu items even more delicious than they sound. With stellar dishes like sweet potato pancakes and lobster alongside shrimp and grits, this inviting restaurant and cocktail bar is a must for anyone looking for unique and unbelievably tasty food. Meals are hearty, moderately priced, and sure to please, but prepare for a bit of wait on the weekend. To sweeten the deal, SoCo also offers a Saturday mimosa brunch special in addition to a long list of tantalizing cocktails and microbrews.

SoCo, 509 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 783 1936


Mekelburg’s is known for its craft beer and abundant sandwich selection. Their international menu boasts a ‘ducka duck’ bánh mì, a New Orleans-style shrimp Po’ Boy, a seasonal veggie sandwich, and many more in between. For ultra-selective eaters, they also have a ‘build your own sammie’ option. Their exhaustive list of craft beers, in addition to a substantial wine list, is sure to pair perfectly with any sandwich or small plate option. Brunch starts at 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

Mekelburg’s, 293 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 399 2337

Day186: KBBQ meets Banh Mi | © Sodanie Chea/Flickr

Day186: KBBQ meets Banh Mi | © Sodanie Chea/Flickr

Tilda All Day

Quaint café Tilda All Day features a light but filling brunch menu in a bright and airy interior. Portions are small, but substantial, and always delicious. In addition to their coffee and espresso options, you can enjoy cocktails, cider, wine, and beer with your meal. Be aware that Tilda has limited seating for weekend brunch, but there’s a nice waiting area where you can enjoy a cappuccino while you wait.

Tilda All Day, 930 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 622 4300

Belli Osteria

For a boozy brunch, look no further than Belli Osteria. Among their many selling points is their unlimited mimosas or Bloody Marys for 90 minutes. Their menu is small but comprehensive, covering favorites like huevos rancheros, waffles, and eggs Benedict, alongside more unusual brunch fare like polenta.

Belli Osteria, 860 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 347 799 1230

 Giraffe review Islington Essex Road huevos rancheros | © London Chow/Flickr

Giraffe review Islington Essex Road huevos rancheros | © London Chow/Flickr

Bar Bolinas

A fried oyster sandwich, breakfast tacos, and pork bao are just a few of the standout items Bar Bolinas offers on their eclectic brunch menu. They also offer a handful of cocktails to complement your meal in a cozy dining atmosphere. Their back patio is a great place to spend a summer Sunday enjoying delectable brunch dishes. Bar Bolinas does not accept brunch reservations, but their bar and patio provide ample seating.

Bar Bolinas, 455 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 935 9333

Mmm... breakfast tacos | © jeffreyw/Flickr

Mmm… breakfast tacos | © jeffreyw/Flickr


Aita boasts a hearty brunch menu. From berry pancakes with ricotta cream to their selection of pasta dishes, their mid-price brunch is rich and truly Italian-inspired. Although the entire menu is delicious, some customer favorites include the oxtail burger and the ‘holy scramble,’ which is an egg dish with shrimp, asparagus, and cherry tomatoes. The rustic atmosphere makes it ideal for a casual meal on a weekend afternoon.

Aita, 132 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 576 3584

Sunday morning breakfast | © Clemens v. Vogelsang/Flickr

Sunday morning breakfast | © Clemens v. Vogelsang/Flickr

Hill Café

Hill Café offers a seasonal menu, which includes a vegetarian section as well as a selection of brunch cocktails. With variety ranging from merguez a cheval (a North African sausage dish) to chicken and waffles, Hill Café is sure to have a stellar entrée to whet every appetite. In addition to the Hill Bellini and standard brunch cocktails, they offer unique non-alcoholic beverages like homemade hibiscus tea and ginger juice.

Hill Café, 17 Putnam Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 230 3471

Chicken n Waffles | © Elliot/Flickr

Chicken n Waffles | © Elliot/Flickr


Marietta brings a southern culinary flare to Brooklyn brunch. Their menu offers a range of egg dishes, from eggs Benedict to scrambled eggs, as well as a grass-fed Marietta burger and chicken and toast for the lunch-geared crowd. Brunch is served from 11am to 4pm on weekends in this casual Clinton Hill café.

Marietta, 285 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 638 9500


The tight squeeze at this café is totally worth the inexpensive prices and great food. The Fulton sandwich is a customer favorite for its delicious chive biscuit, secret sauce, and $7 price tag. With a casual ambiance and no waiter or alcohol service, this is the place for an on-the-go brunch, an affordable bite, and some coffee to start the day. In addition, Lunitas sells ‘handmade and vintage goods for the little ones.’

Lunitas, 1039 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 347 987 3799