The 10 Best Bars In Brooklyn's Park Slope, New York

Wine & Cheese Platter | © Jordan Johnson/Flickr
Wine & Cheese Platter | © Jordan Johnson/Flickr
Photo of Tom Krantz
9 February 2017

For decades, Park Slope has etched itself into Brooklyn’s landscape as a place to lay down roots. Whether you’re starting up your first career, setting the groundwork for a budding family, or just fortunate enough to find a coop out there, Park Slope is nothing short of picturesque. But don’t let this fairy-tale neighborhood fool you – the natives enjoy letting loose and having a drink (or a few). Whether you’re a local looking for a new watering hole or a visitor who’s dizzy from all there is to see, we give you 10 must-try bars in Park Slope.

Union Hall

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Union Hall Fireplace
Union Hall Fireplace | © Isaac Danna
The Culture Trip likes to imagine that when the hypothetical owners of Union Hall looked at the 5,000-square-foot warehouse, there was debate. One argued for a bar, the other for a bocce court. The former demanded outdoor space, while the latter maintained the need for a music scene. ‘But when will we find time to read our leather-bound books by the fireplace?’ barked a third supposed owner. In the end, all of the theoretical owners agreed on wedding their ideas beneath one roof, and thus, Union Hall was tentatively born – always a top choice.


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Expect to hear The Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix #1 playing in this vintage bar akin to a wood-paneled living room. Sporting a decor of shag tapestries, wire art, and glass candy bowls, Skylark is the perfect place to pass around a few beers. Be sure to check out their pressed sandwiches, which manage to fit American staples like roast beef, cheddar, and mashed potatoes between two pieces of American white bread. Not only is this far-out establishment a happening place to imbibe and dine, but with three different pinball machines and 14 beers on tap, Skylark is the get down.


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If Blueprint were personified, they’d be the silent, smart, sexy stranger in the corner sipping on an espresso-infused cocktail as their silhouette flickers against the wall behind them. That’s right – it’s jazz, baby. Blueprint weds an upscale ambiance with a speakeasy manner. Their attention to detail presents itself in their decadent cocktails, masterfully crafted cheese and charcuterie plates, and overall charm. When it comes to flavor, style, and in-house finesse, this may be the richest bar on Brooklyn’s Fifth Avenue.

Black Horse Pub

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Black Horse Pub is a proper spot that offers up the latest football game, a cold pint of ale, and delicious English fare, among other cuisines. It is the premiere traditional pub of Park Slope, and the place to go if you’re looking to catch an EPL match. And though the owner is a spuds fan, you’ll have no problem catching an Arsenal or Tottenham game. Be warned however; depending on who wins, you might find yourself with your arms wrapped around two goons singing Three Drunken Maidens.

High Dive

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Tree Shaka Brett Spiked Saison
Tree Shaka Brett Spiked Saison | © Adam Barhan/Flickr
High Dive is a welcoming community watering hole located in the heart of Park Slope. Its casual, cozy interior is stylistically clashed with an arresting red veneer that will hold your attention as you make your way through the French double doors that lead to an outdoor patio. However, if interior design isn’t enough to draw you to the bar, then its diverse selection of 19 rotating taps will give you a reason to take a seat. With free buttery popcorn alongside an assortment of board and arcade games, you’ll have a tough time finding a reason to leave. But have no fear, even when it’s time to go, their growlers allow you to take the watering hole back home.

Double Windsor

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Prospect Park is Park Slope’s biggest landmark, so it goes without question that you’d want a lively spot to enjoy a well-crafted drink right after an afternoon in the sun. Double Windsor is a craft beer bar that offers up a rotating draft beer menu (which you can find on their website), a beautiful wrap around window, and an incredible view of the Prospect Park’s entrance.

Pork Slope

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Top Shelf Beer/Liquor from Bar
Top Shelf Beer/Liquor from Bar | © Ted Bigham/Flickr
Pork Slope is Parks Slope’s dive bar that isn’t a dive bar. This is the kind of place where Patrick Swayze would round house kick a rambunctious drunk, sit down, and order a ‘Porky Melt’ sandwich, topping it off with a whiskey neat. Chef Dale Talde brings classic American fare to this roadhouse-inspired bar that offers up a good old-fashioned honky-tonk time. Pork Slope is a great place to become a regular, and with their ‘100 shots club’, you’ll be rewarded with a legacy engraved in the behind-the-bar trophy (just don’t try to knock it all out in one night).

Mission Dolores

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Mission Dolores is not only perfect for you and your friends but also invites dogs to join in on the festivities. Joining in the Park Slope spirit, this bar offers pinball and board games to its customers. And though they don’t have a formal menu, they’re not opposed to letting patrons bring in outside food.


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Cheese | © stu_spivack/Flickr
Not every Park Slope bar comes with a pinball machine, wacky decor, and colloquial parallels. Some are simpler, classier, and offer a different environment for those who are pursuing finer qualities. For a more cultivated experience, look no further than Brookvin, Park Slope’s premiere wine bar. Brookvin’s eclectic selections of hand-picked wines are the product of precise planning by owner Aaron Hans. Thanks to Chef Dave Townsend’s tasteful touch, Brookvin’s wines can be accompanied with house-cured meats, cheeses, and a tartine of parsley salad, lardo, and truffle oil (just one of the delectable options).

The Owl Farm

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Remember, Park Slope is in Brooklyn, and what better way to enjoy a day in the area than with man (and woman’s) best friends; beer, cider, and dogs. Of all the rotating drafts mentioned, The Owl Farm offers the largest one, rotating 28 different lines, as well as beer and cider-based spirits. It’s truly a place to go if you’re looking for some good people, something new, or if you’re just in the market for squealing at someone else’s pup.