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New York’s vibrant atmosphere and colorful social breadth create the perfect setting for a photographer. Add in delicious food from around the world and it makes for an Instagrammer’s dream. We profile 13 NYC-based Instagram accounts you simply have to follow.

Sunset Park


Sam Horine is a professional photographer based in NYC. His page showcases timeless shots of empty cityscapes next to romantic moments of couples playing in the snow. Whether it’s his atmospheric urban shots of Brooklyn or his breathtaking travel photography, his work captures warmth and intimacy no matter the location.


Good urban photography should be able to capture the character of a city, which is no easy feat with a city as diverse as New York. JNSilva shows NYC in its light and its darkness. His photographs range from futuristic shots of hyper-affluent areas to grimy underpasses and forgotten outskirts.


Food lovers rejoice. New Fork City is the food Instagram of the moment. From snaps of delicate sushi to mouthwatering ice cream-filled chocolate muffins, New_Fork_City is food porn for all food lovers. They allow user-submitted photos, and it seems that most of their 718,000 followers have a sweet tooth, because their page is jam-packed with melting chocolate, cookies, and cream.


Humza D grew up dreaming of being a professional skateboarder, and at the age of 17 he discovered photography. His passion for thrill-seeking coupled with his photographic talent allows him to take the photographs you are too scared to, and rightly so. Renown for scaling buildings and exploring closed off areas, Humza D is enjoying huge success for his daredevil photography.

New York From Above


‘Follow me into the dark’ reads the bio on Jason M. Peterson’s Instagram, and it is easy to see why. He specializes in black and white photography that makes the city feel timeless. Having mastered light and shadow, Peterson has set out to create surreal shots of the city from intriguing angles. His portfolio is sharp, gloomy and utterly gripping.


With flame-torched hamachi nigrini with banana pepper, pumpkin rice pudding with toasted pears, goats cheese, figs and hazelnuts on charred ciabatta, No Leftovers has high-quality photographs of high-quality food. Additionally, the page has become a well-respected hub of restaurant recommendations and reviews. Yet it is the personal touch that its owner, Jackie Gebel, gives to her page that makes it truly excellent. You can also expect lots and lots of food puns. Ricotta be kidding me.


Some people just see the world differently, and Last Suspect is one of them. His geometric photographs capture angles most of us would not even think to consider. The results are fantastic. His shots are often thought-provoking, sometimes abstract and never gloomy.


Drewmogenesis is another Instagrammer with a unique take on NYC. He plays with light and shadow to create tantalizing snapshots of life in the heart of the city. He has a talent for capturing personality and humanity in his work and his portfolio spans all echelons of society, from the homeless to the high-flyers.

Only the strong survive


If you are looking for a ‘foodstagram’ but don’t want something too pretentious, look no further than writer Gillie Houston. Her page is full of color, fun, and wit. Despite having nearly 100,000 followers, she still interacts in a personal, friendly way, and has built a tight-knit community on her page.

Image Courtesy of Gillie Houston


While food-based Instagrams are all the rage, Mason Shaker’s elegant cocktail Instagram may be an indication of what the future holds. Whether you are a fan of rosemary maple bourbon sours or spiced pear liqueurs, Mason Shaker has professional, classy photographs of delicious drinks that are bound to make you thirsty.

Mason Shaker Cocktail Making


13th Witness‘ Instagram is full of powerful street photography capturing unlikely subjects with taste, character, and intelligence. The breadth of variety on his page is nothing short of stunning. If you are looking for unique, raw pictures of NYC streets then look no further. His Instagram perhaps more than any of the others captures how truly colorful the city streets can be.


Onceuponabite is a ‘foodstagram’ that combines the stylish with the homey. Diana Arizpe is sharing her NYC culinary journey with her friends and followers through her Instagram one bite at a time. The combination of her original homemade food and the rich, warm colors in her photographs make her page a real winner.

Caramelized Crème Fraiche and Caviar


If the other foodstagrams are too difficult to choose from but you do not want your feed clogged up with hundreds of different ones, then follow bestfoodny which re-grams all of the best food Instagram feeds from around the city. From big greasy pizzas to gourmet nouveau cuisine, this page has it all.

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