How To Clear Your Home of Bad Energy

Sometimes your home can get stale — literally and metaphorically — but that doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out and start anew. Every so often it’s good to clear away the cosmic cobwebs of your space, whether it’s during the New Moon or as a daily cleansing ritual. We’ve got you covered on rituals, recitations, and spiritual resuscitations to get rid of any leftover bad vibrations in your space and fill your home with positive energy using these steps.
1. It begins with your mindset

Imagine a white light around you and the rest of your space. Pure white is associated with protection and purity, and is thought to be the true color of the soul. Start by imagining this internal white light as coming from your center and radiating around your home — filling each room with pure, white light.

2. Break out the white sage and/or personalized incense

Dried white sage has been used for thousands of years in “clearing” rituals, particularly by the Native Americans. You can find bundles of it at your local metaphysical store or herb shop (or grow/dry your own!). Start by waving the smoke around your body, from head to toe, and imagine it absorbing any negativity. Then go around the house with the burning bundle and smudge out each corner of the room.

Keep in mind that smudging is an ancient, sacred art form and it’s always good to respect its cultural derivative. Melissa Madara, co-owner of Catland Books, an esoteric store in Brooklyn, recommends making your own incense blend out of out of frankincense, angelica root, hyssop (the most commonly used herb in the Bible), juniper, and copal resin. “It’s good to be weary of cultural appropriation with sage. So a great alternative is to create your own blend, making it personalized to you.”

*If smoke really bothers you, you can skip this step. A good substitute for incense is cleaning all your non-porous surfaces with vinegar and keeping out a bowl of water and vinegar to “absorb” negative energy.

3. Get cleansing crystals and “charge” them under the full moon

All crystals have different properties, meanings, and purposes, but the best ones for clearing negative energy and creating a feeling of peace are kyanite, selenite, obsidian, hematite, and desert rose. “I keep a charged piece of kyanite in my home – I leave it on my windowsill under the full moon to charge it every month. It’s known for creating peaceful and chill vibes. Selenite and desert rose are really great at clearing static energy, too,” says Madara.

Soak your crystals in salt water overnight in order to “clear” them. Then leave crystals out in dishes around the house, by your nightstand, or wear them as jewelry.

4. Chant your own mantra or incantation

Verbalizing your positive intentions can have powerful effects. While you smudge your space with sage or incense, repeat the following incantation several times as you walk through the house:

“I ask the Universe to bless this home and fill it with light and love. Negativity and darkness is not welcome here. This is a positive sanctuary. “

You can even add the words “So it is said, so it shall be” to the end of your chant. It’s another positive (powerful) reinforcement of your words, kind of like “Amen” at the end of the a prayer.

5. Set up a positive altar in your home

You’ve heard of vision boards before, right? An altar in your home is essentially the same thing, but with physical objects, and can either be permanent or temporary. What makes you the happiest? What brings you the most joy? Collect a few things that represent positivity in your life (family photos, jeweled items, statues of your favorite Saints, candles, tokens of love, etc.) and place them together on a small shelf or table.

6. Light candles and concentrate on positivity and gratitude

Light candles near and around your altar every so often and concentrate on gratitude. Try to do this daily for seven days in a row, or at least once a month to “clear” away any negativity in your home.

It’s best to do any cleansing candle rituals around the New Moon, so if possible, start your candle/altar ritual then for the most powerful effects. The New Moon is especially good for evoking new changes and beginnings in life; remember that the energy of your space starts with you.

7. Salt each corner and threshold of your home

Salt is another substance known for warding off evil spirits and cleansing spaces. From the Buddhists to the Pagans to the Native Americans and the Catholics, it has been used in spiritual ceremonies and rituals for centuries. Salt also has major health benefits, including healing wounds, detoxifying the body, and easing sore throats.

Try sprinkling a little salt in the corners of your home and across your door thresholds, after you’ve cleansed your space, in order to prevent negativity from returning.

8. Shake out the house with pots and pans

Some people think of this as a New Year’s tradition: it supposedly scares away the ghosts of the previous year. But Catland co-founder Melissa Madara says that the practice is not just reserved for January 1st: “One of my family folk magic traditions is to bang pots and pans around the house. It ‘shakes out’ the bad energy and moves it out.”

9. Place a candle in every corner of the house

Candle rituals are present in virtually every spiritual or religious tradition. Whether it’s the dance of the flame, the pull of fire, or the tranquility they inspire, human beings are pulled to wax and wicks. “Another family folk magic tradition, was to light candles in each corner of the house and let them burn,” says Madara.

Try buying unscented tea lights and adding droplets of essential oils (that you mix, make, or buy) to create a calming, personalized aroma.

10. Cleansing songs with Psalms

Celebrating a renewal of space sometimes requires song. Some of the best cleansing, positive songs are actually found in the book of Psalms: “They are unbelievable,” says Madara, “particularly Psalms 51. [In my rituals, I either] say what I mean from the heart or use something from Psalms,” says Madara.

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