The 10 Best Bars In Baltimore, Maryland

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9 February 2017

Boasting attractions such as Chesapeake Bay and Inner Harbor, the second largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic, it’s no wonder that Baltimore is a popular hotspot for tourists looking to enjoy themselves after hours in Maryland. For the 10 best spots to kick back and relax with a drink or two, read on.

Woodberry Kitchen

A renovated old factory, Woodberry Kitchen is a trendy, rustic-chic yet upscale bar that’s a mainstay of Hampden nightlife. Their cocktails straddle the border between drink and food, their adventurous mixology includes granola-infused bourbon and drinks thickened with yoghurt whey, or, if you’re not feeling adventurous, you can stick to the Manhampden, their charming farmer’s twist on the classic Manhattan.
2010 Clipper Park Road, No. 126, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410 464 8000

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The Brewer’s Art

The Brewer’s Art is situated in a large mansion in which dates back to 1903. The building is so large, in fact, that the bar includes an on-site Belgian-German-French-Swiss brewery for their renowned beers. You can choose from beers on draft, 12 oz cans, or 12 oz bottles. The upstairs bar and and dining room, which comes complete with a charming old-world fireplace, is always lively, but downstairs is where the true party lies, mood lighting, fun music, and a warm, chatty atmosphere.
1106 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410 547 6925

© Keith Trotta | Courtesy of The Brewer’s Art

The Fork & Wrench

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The Fork & Wrench, Baltimore
The Fork & Wrench, Baltimore | © Edson Hong/Flickr
Constructed from two side-by-side row homes, this restaurant-and-bar combo features charming selling points, such as an old-world, laid-back atmosphere and a weekly bartender competition in which two mixologists compete to create the better cocktail. The cocktails must feature the secret ingredient of the week, with the winner decided by the patrons themselves. Mason jars and rustic décor mean you can relax in a t-shirt and jeans, high-quality liquors and professional staff mean you’re guaranteed high-class standards.

Mahaffey’s Pub

Located in historic Canton, this genial place offers a rotating selection of beers to provide variety for the regulars, who can join a beer club, which currently counts over 400 members. The quintessential high-quality dive bar, Mahaffey’s Pub offers moderately priced beer and delicious pub fare, as well as a modernized jukebox. Aside from the daily rotation of taps, it also boasts a large selection of import and micro bottles and a cask-conditioned beer on the hand pump.

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Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions steadfastly refuses to take itself too seriously, from its tongue-in-cheek name to its self-appointed appellation as a dive bar. With a collection of over 900 kinds of liquor, there are unlimited options to make any decision of your choosing. Be aware though, there’s only one drinks list, and it’s handwritten in a graph paper notebook. The bartending staff, however, is highly competent and willing to make just about any drink ever concocted, so the only bad decision you can really make is to skip a visit to this charming bar with a self-declared bacon obsession.
1928 Fleet St Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410 979 5161

Negroni Week Line Up | Courtesy of Bad Decisions

Of Love & Regrets

With a tin ceiling and rustic aesthetic, Of Love & Regrets is best described as a tavern and the venue takes deconstructed to a new level. A beer and cocktail gastropub near the Natty Boh Tower, Of Love & Regrets is affectionately better known as OLAR. This trendy place features over 18 stillwater artisanal drafts and creative shot-and-beer combinations. Microbrews and barrel-aged options, for just $11 or less, are available for the beer snob, while cocktails include intriguingly-titled options, such as the Natasha Fatale.
1028 South Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410 327 0760

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13th Floor

An elegant bar with a stunning view of the city from the top of the Belvedere Hotel, the 13th Floor offers an upscale drinking experience accompanied by live dance music reminiscent of Frank Sinatra. The dim lighting not only offers an excellent ambiance but also forgiving cover for those who choose to take advantage of the small dance floor. Perfect for the 1920s lover, the bar offers cocktails such as the aptly titled, The Fitzgerald, which includes Woodford Reserve bourbon and Combier Rouge cherry liqueur.
One East Chase Street Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410 347 0880

© Christopher Sessums/Flickr

Bar Liquorice

A modest rowhouse turned tavern turned bar, Bar Liquorice utilizes every inch of its limited space to offer a slightly removed lounge area as well as bar seating. With bold paintings and an LED fireplace, the unconventional aesthetic only adds to the whimsical ambiance provided by the ubiquitous mason jars of candy, ranging from peppermints to, of course, liquorice. The bar itself is long and narrow, but has a very dark-chic setting and is the home of a delicious spectrum of cocktails, running from Bar Light to Bar Dark.
801 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 443 708 1675

Front Bar | Courtesy of Bar Liquorice

Max’s Taphouse

With over 100 different drafts and 2,000 bottles, Max’s Taphouse is an ambitious project that has thrived for over 25 years in Maryland. In order to house its vast selection of beers, Max’s offers three separate bars, as well as billiards and TV for a classic beer experience. Don’t let its traditional outlook fool you into thinking anything about Max’s is outdated though; Max’s generally unveils a new beer about once a week, ensuring its spot as a cutting-edge brewery.
737 South Broadway, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410 675 6297

Scotch ale | © Visitor7/WikiCommons


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A splendid copper bar and a fireplace contributes to the sophisticated, old-world style of Rye, as well as the wallpaper, composed of Prohibition-era medical prescriptions for whiskey. With the dark wood, dim lighting, and musically organized menu – categories range from easy listening to outlaw country, you could almost believe you’d travelled back in time to a speakeasy. The craft cocktails enhance the historical atmosphere. Try the aptly named cocktail, Penicillin, which combines egg whites with blended scotch, ginger syrup, lemon, and walnut bitters.