10 Emerging Baltimore Photographers You Should Know

Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoes | © Hannah Leigh
Photo of Jasmine Eppes
Freelance Writer4 October 2017

Baltimore, Maryland, is a mecca of diversity and creative individuals. As such, many artistic photographers enjoy sharing with the world their personal view via beautiful, intimate moments captured by their camera. Curious to know what type of local talent is emerging from Baltimore in the area of photography? Here are a few people you should get to know.

Jessica Fenfert

Jessica Fenfert is a newborn and family photographer based out of Baltimore. She calls herself a “natural storyteller” who feels that stories shape and create who we are as individuals. Her pictures are gorgeous and full of natural light, soft tones, and laughter. You can tell by looking at her work that she puts her subjects at ease and seems to have mastered a way of keeping babies calm and serene as she takes their photographs.

Maternity Shoot | © Jessica Fenfert Photography

CEA Vision Media

CEA Vision Media is a company based out of Baltimore that specializes in parties, events, photography, video work, as well as birthdays. When it comes to photography, CEA Vision Media shoots a wide range of subjects, including moms-to-be. As they work with various people and locations, their creativity truly shines through their pictures.

Maternity Shoot | © CEA Vision Media

Lindsey Lee

Lindsey Lee is a fine-art, high-end photographer with a studio located in Baltimore. Her specialty is fine-art child and maternity photography. She loves working with kids and telling her clients’ stories through her work. Indeed, her gorgeous photos seem to capture the innocence of her children subjects, and the backgrounds and lighting that she uses paints a perfect portrait.

Courtesy of Lindsey Lee

Alicia Wiley

Alicia Wiley is a fun and spunky wedding photographer born and raised in Baltimore. She has been in the business for five years, and so far, she has covered over 96 weddings. Alicia states that she draws some of her inspiration from beautiful candid moments, along with natural lighting and her belief in quality over quantity. Her photos are incredible; she somehow finds a way to make a photograph more intriguing, elegant and effortless.

Couples Photo Shoot | © Alicia Wiley

Corrie Everhart

Corrie Everhart works out of Baltimore and specializes in shooting weddings, events, engagements, and portraits. He has an impeccable eye for detail along with an avid interest in finding new ways to be creative and display it through his photographs.

The Puptrait Studio

The Puptrait Studio is a dog portrait studio based out of Baltimore and is perfect for all dog lovers. This studio dedicates itself to making both you and your dog happy and comfortable as you go through the process of obtaining your own custom “puptrait.” The Puptrait Studio will even shoot your dog’s photos at your own home if that works better for you and your pet.

Puptrait | © Puptrait Studio

Danny Weiser

Danny Weiser is a Baltimore-based freelance photographer. Danny services the greater Baltimore area and is known for his sharp eye for detail, along with his creative photo shoots that capture his subjects in the best light. His specialty is in taking family and individual photographs.

Hannah Leigh

Hannah Leigh is a photographer based out of Baltimore who specializes in adventurous couples. Hannah Leigh believes in capturing those special moments between lovebirds, whether you’re just dating or you just got married. Through her photographs, she has a way to embolden and showcase the love you have for your partner.

Wedding Shoes | © Hannah Leigh

Paulz Foto

Paulz Foto is a photography and imaging company based out of Baltimore. They specialize in events photography and video productions; therefore, this company has an extensive portfolio. Paulz Foto has captured weddings, engagement parties, and baby showers.

Jen Harvey

Jen Harvey is a Baltimore-based photographer who grew up on the West Coast. From an early age, her childhood memories involved a camera always being in the hands of one of her family members, and from that, she knew that’s what she wanted to do: capture special moments from people’s lives. Jen Harvey specializes in weddings and engagements and doesn’t mind getting her passport stamped if you’re getting married abroad.

Wedding Photo Shoot | © Jen Harvey