The Best Restaurants In Hammond, Indiana

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Named after the Detroit butcher George Hammond, Hammond, Indiana is one of the oldest cities in Lake County. Steeped in history, Hammond has many culinary influences. Check out the city’s top 10 restaurants.

Super Submarine

Family-owned and run, Super Submarine has been a firm favorite in Hammond for more than 30 years. Serving good quality all-American eats, Super Submarine is not only good for your appetite, but for your pocket too, with subs for great value. All their lunch meats are freshly sliced, and all their subs are made to order. Furthermore, condiments such as mayonnaise, mustard, sliced pickles and sweet peppers are complimentary in all subs. There are a variety of fillings diners can choose from; from meats to vegetables to cheese.

Bob’s Shrimp

While Bob’s Shrimp may only serve carry-out cuisine, that hasn’t deterred crowds of locals and visitors from tucking into their famous fish fare. Bob’s Shrimp have been using the same breading recipe since they first opened, and their jumbo shrimp is popular among seafood lovers and fussy eaters alike. Their portions are large and are good value. Perfectly breaded, their plump shrimp is succulently cooked and served with a dollop of coleslaw and mild barbecue sauce. Other seafood dishes that feature on the menu include catfish, Lake Perch and scallops. Although unassuming from the outside, for good, honest seafood, there is nowhere better than Bob’s Shrimp.

Schoop’s Hamburgers

A staple of Hammond since 1948, Schoop’s Hamburgers prides itself on tradition, great tasting food and friendly service. Always fresh and never cooked from frozen, their burgers are sizzled to tender perfection. When they first opened their doors, Schoop’s sold their burger bites for only 15 cents each. They have kept to their same original menu through the years, with only a few additions. Simple but satisfying dishes of burgers, fries, chili, soup and pie still feature on the menu today. For a tasty burger, Schoop’s tops every food lovers list.

Madvek’s Dog House

A favorite of the Calumet Region for the past 46 years, many locals have fond memories of Madvek’s Dog House. Using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, Madvek’s Dog House has developed a well-established tradition of serving the tastiest and most satisfying hot dogs in Hammond. A recent addition to their menu is their ‘Chicago-style’ hot dog, which is an all-beef sausage served with mustard, relish, onion, tomato, and pickle spear. Other popular choices include their Polish sausage, their tacos and their loose-meat burger, served with homemade chili. Their hot dogs are so popular that in 2010, the restaurant was inducted into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame.

House of Pizza

House of Pizza is one of the best pizza places in Northwest Indiana. Each of their thin-crust pizzas is handmade and loaded with the freshest and tangiest ingredients. If pizza isn’t to your taste, House of Pizza also serves a host of other Italian culinary delights, such as pasta dishes, salads and sandwiches. House of Pizza was the dream of Dante Zunica, whose sausage and pressed crust was hugely popular. Today, House of Pizza aims to uphold the traditions and values established by Zunica. Together with friendly service and an inviting setting, a trip to House of Pizza is guaranteed to be a memorable one.

El Taco Real

1972 was a big year for Mr and Mrs Garcia, as they opened the doors to El Taco Real. Little did they know that this Mexican family restaurant would still be a popular destination for food lovers today. Still family-owned and run, El Taco Real has expanded over the years, both in size and in their menu. Highlights from their food listings include nachitos served with or without meat, guacamole and cheese, their queso fundido of broiled Mexican cheese on a bed of sautéed onions, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and spices, and their tostadas stuffed with a variety of fillings. Their salsas and other sauces amplify the tantalizing flavors of these dishes. For a little taste of Mexico in Hammond, El Taco Real is the place to go.

Zel’s Roast Beef

As their name suggests, Zel’s Roast Beef specializes in mouthwatering roast beef. A part of Indiana’s culinary scene for the past 45 years, Zel’s Roast Beef is housed in a charming yellow building, which has become a landmark in the city. Frequently ordered dishes from their menu include not only their famous roast beef sandwiches on Vienna bread, but also their grilled chicken sandwich, their hot dogs, their Polish sausage, their classic milkshakes, and their chili-cheese fries. Since opening all those years ago, Zel’s Roast Beef have opened other locations throughout Indiana, proving the restaurant’s popularity. A visit to this restaurant guarantees to satisfy every appetite.

Johnel’s Restaurant

Located on Calumet Avenue, Johnel’s Restaurant is a quaint diner that has a menu to suit every palate and occasion. Favorite dishes among locals and visitors include their steaks and ribs straight from the broiler, Athenian chicken served with Greek salad garnish, chicken vesuvio sautéed with garlic, wine and potatoes. Other good picks include broiled seafood such as catfish, orange roughy and rainbow trout, and a wide variety of salads and sandwiches. With such a great selection of food, and at a reasonable price, Johnel’s Restaurant will leave you with a lasting impression.
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