10 Trendy Fashion Bloggers from Bali to Follow

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With so many gorgeous photo venues, ample natural light and endless fresh fashion items, Bali is thriving with stylish fashion bloggers. From sporty to feminine-vintage, ethnic to glamorous, and modest to sexy, explore our list of Bali’s fashion bloggers to follow.

Maira Yamanaka

This stylish Japanese-Indonesian not only has a stylish fashion sense but also a chic personality, making her blog enjoyable. She ditched her politics studies to work in a high-end Japanese flower shop, snapping pictures of her sporty cool style in her spare time. Also a dancer and a drummer, Maira’s restless creative spirit is reflected through her sporty and dynamic style, often dominated by her favorite brand, Adidas. Readers can also expect occasional food, music, and travel posts from this easy going, energetic gal.


Dias Predani

Dias considers herself lucky to call Bali home. Embracing the island life wrapped in pretty dresses, laces, and pastel colors, the self-proclaimed ocean child posts stunning pictures of her life and style on her blog. Alluding to a vintage style partly inspired by the legendary Audrey Hepburn, readers can expect to see a lot of bold feminine looks embellished with detailed accessories that reflect a fun island life: hats, sunglasses, and scarves. Being a medical doctor and an avid reader, her blog also serves many personal musings and stories.


Pris and Eve

The stylish duo Pris and Eve of We Like Bali post enviable pictures and stories of their captivating island life, covering adventures, fashion, style, and attractions. The youthful vibe of the two half-Indonesians is apparent in their ever-voguish summer apparel – bikinis, swimwear, beachwear, colorful patterns, and adorable accessories. Pris and Eve use Bali’s best spots as the stunning backdrops for their chic yet laid-back style.


Annisa Fitri

Annisa is a proud hijab fashion blogger, incorporating the principles of modest fashion into her chic and stylish look. Influenced by Japanese fashion designer Hana Tajima, who helps bring hijab to the world’s fashion landscape, Annisa dresses to inspire others to be confident with their own style. She always looks sophisticated but comfortable, a balance adored by her readers and social media followers. She also blogs about beauty products and her favorite spots in Bali.


Brittany Morgan

Brit’s love for fashion gets her excited to dress up every day, even if it’s just for a casual day out with friends hunting for hip restaurants or picture-perfect spots. Brit has a knack for finding pretty things, as readers of her blog or scrollers on her Instagram account will soon notice. She even has a cake shop in Nusa Dua. Her take on femininity with a sexy twist is spot on, often featuring lovely dresses and off-the-shoulder tops. Brit shares her thoughts and personal insights on the blog, Knotty Laces, which she shares with best friend Aileen. Brit helms the fashion section of the blog, while Aileen contributes food and lifestyle posts. Readers and followers can almost feel their warm personalities through their words and pictures.


Tabitha Budiman

Tabitha has an inspiring look for every occasion: workout afternoon, casual day out, formal luncheon, or glamorous day at a lavish resort. A frequent face at Bali’s most important fashion events, Tabitha’s blog is a delightful way to keep yourself in the know. Her style is often sexy but classy, with keen attention to detail, as seen in her compelling style pictures. From street style to glamor, Tabitha has become a go-to woman for inspiration on nailing an island-inspired style with eye-soothing backdrops.


Rizky Hafizan

Proof that Balinese guys are just as fashionable as the girls. Rizky takes his trendy but casual, laid-back style everywhere he goes – Bali’s stunning beaches, cozy cafes, cultural places, and lavish resorts, and takes compelling pictures too. His bilingual Indonesian-English blog narrates Rizky’s youthful and ever-exciting life of exploring and experimenting with styles and fashion. Readers and followers can expect different styles, from laid-back beach wear to smart casual.


Trisnawati Witono

This hip girl is an embodiment of Bali’s restless creative energy. Aside from her own bold, fashionable style, Trisnawati also has her own brand, Dhouvu Apparel, and is a fashion and style photographer. On her blog, readers can be inspired by Trisnawati’s ever-changing eclectic and trendy style, while staying informed about Bali’s latest fashion events and places to shop, dine, and have fun.


Sarah Bollien

Sarah is originally from Germany but decided to work and live in Bali after her encounter with the beautiful island, dynamic people, and vibrant culture. Also the co-founder of jewelry label Santi Santi, Sarah still finds time to share her experiences of fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, and culture in her new home. Her bilingual blog, Between Rice Fields, takes readers into Sarah’s fascinating island life and adventures, embellished with her boho-chic style all the way.


Ayu Dwi Damayanthi

This chic medical doctor takes us to Bali’s most happening fashion venues and events. Not only that, Ayu’s fashion diary is almost magazine worthy, with her classy style and gracious smile. She also writes elaborate, honest reviews of beauty products. Her chic style is inspiring for either a casual Bali day out or a classy evening with friends.


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