Why You Need to Make a Pit Stop at Robert Is Here When in Miami, FL

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Karina Castrillo

If you’re new to the Magic City, or even if you’ve visited before, you’ve probably planned a weekend road trip to the Florida Keys. Chances are you missed making a pit stop at Homestead on your way South, but there’s a good reason you should make the drive to no man’s land – for a taste of Robert Is Here.

The farmstand perched in rural South Florida has been in business since 1959, and for good reason.


Locals flock for their giant mangos, avocados, sandwiches, but most of all – for their epic milkshakes. For a slurp of their creamy key lime pie with strawberry milkshake, customers don’t think twice about standing in line for over an hour. The creamy milkshakes are a heavenly mix of yogurt, ice cream, milk and your choice of fruit that form a thick and smooth texture satisfying the palette. Other flavors include passion fruit, papaya banana, blackberry, coconut, and many more all served in biodegradable corn-based plastic cups. The stand sells about 600 milkshakes a day, and that’s not even high season.

Bananas on sale

Customers eager to shop for unique fruits can find their share of quirky fruits not readily found at food stores (including carambola, canistel, black sapote, sugar apples, and guanabana). Fruits are in season of course, and the sizes generous to say the least. You can also find a collection of jams and jellies such as Apple Butter, Apricot Jam, and Bluegoose Jam, as well as seasonings, hot sauces, and salad dressings all sourced from local farmers in the area.

A completely different scenery than Miami’s downtown and the beaches, patrons usually come here with their families on the weekend to spend the day in tranquility delighting in seriously tasty and healthy food favorites. But aside from the food, the market is home to an animal pen and a giant bird cage.

Children and adults love spending time gazing at the goats at the top of a pile of boulders, cows and their calves, and chickens and pigs. While most animals are friendly (and hungrily eyeing your food), beware of the pecking ostriches in the petting zoo.


The bird pen too, is worth a peek. It’s home to a share of colorful talking parrots and elegant macaws.

In fact, Robert Is Here is practically a South Florida landmark. The fruit stand has been on the Today Show, featured in the New York Times and has been the subject of PBS documentaries. Robert Moehling, the owner behind Robert Is Here, has been manning the stand for decades and probably will for the rest of his life. Now in his 60s, and with a large family working the shop, we can expect it to pass down to his kids and stay for many more decades to come.

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