The Best Places to Get a Cuban Sandwich in Miami

Cuban sandwich
Cuban sandwich | © jeffreyw / Flickr
Karina Castrillo

Miami’s a cultural melting pot with the largest population of Cubans outside of Cuba. So preparate because when you touch down in the tropics, you must try a Cuban sandwich. Here’s our guide to the best ones in the city.

1. Versailles

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© Phillip Pressar / Flickr

For over 40 years, Versailles has held the crown when it comes to Cuban cuisine. Perched in the heart of Calle Ocho, this oldie but goodie has been the favorite of the Cuban exile community, as it serves some mean congri, lechón, and, of course, its legendary Cuban sandwich. Sweet ham, roast pork topped with melted Swiss cheese and copious squirts of mustard are layered in greasy Cuban bread, and it only costs $6.50 to taste this novelty.

2. El Exquisito

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Cuban sandwiches are a popular menu item in Little Havana
© star5112 / Flickr

Also on Calle Ocho, this Cuban staple has been a family-run business for decades. Their Cuban features mouthwatering warm bread with pork and melted cheese and tastes like what a typical Cuban abuela would be putting together in her kitchen in Havana.

3. Enriqueta’s

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Tucked in a little corner in Wynwood is Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop, which is always brimming with crowds and long lines. And while pulling out a chair to sit in this mayhem is also a headache, you’ll want to do it for the sandwich. They have the original Cuban sandwich with ham and cheese, and they also offer a delicious “Preparado” version with stuffed croquettas (a breadcrumbed fried roll containing ham). The latter is even better if you love this finger food!

4. Latin American

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Luis Galindo’s Latin American’s Cuban sandwich puts thick slices of ham and Swiss together with a generous layer of mayo and mustard on toasted Cuban bread. The result is fantastic. (It’s just a little longer drive to West Miami.)

5. El Palacio de los Jugos

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Even though it’s known for its natural fresh-pressed nectars (the mango juice is a raging party for your taste buds), El Palacio de los Jugos on Flagler is also a restaurant and sandwich counter where everyone comes to take delight in a cafecito and share the chisme (gossip) of the day. The locale’s name translates to “the palace of juices,” but the sandwiches are no lowly commoners either. Their Cuban features plenty of lard and is extra juicy with grease, so prepare for the gluttony.

Cuban sandwich at El Palacio de los Jugos | © T.TSeng / Flickr

6. La Carreta

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La Carreta
© Phillip Pressar / Flickr

This famous Cuban spot located in Little Havana has been here almost as long as Versailles and has various locations spread out across Miami. Their Cuban sandwich is heavy on the ham with roast pork, mustard, and pickles. They also offer their “La Carreta” Special, which contains chorizo (sausage) for a little kick.

7. Sarussi Cafeteria & Restaurant

Restaurant, Cuban, American

How about a supersize sandwich? Sarussi’s mega Cuban sandwich is so huge that it’s been featured on the TV show Man v. Food. A 16-inch-long piece of Cuban bread is decked with smoked ham, baked pork, mozzarella cheese, pickles and a special sauce, which means you’ll probably want to take your time—or you can go for the eight-inch sub.

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