An Adventure Traveler’s Guide to Miami, FL

Jet ski
Jet ski | Public Domain \ Pixabay
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Skydiving, parasailing, mudding, trapeze… Miami offers numerous activities for daring travelers in search of an adrenaline rush. Walk on the wild side and experience Miami’s natural landscape from a different vantage point than the regular partying and hotel-hopping. Here’s our guide to the best adventures to try in the Magic City.

If you’re not afraid of getting down and dirty, go on a mud challenge with Tough Mudder. Participants go on a 10-mile journey filled with obstacles to test their endurance. The trials are most certainly not for the weak: you need to be physically strong to pass through the army-style boot camp exercises like mud crawls, ladder climbing, rock-carrying, sandbag presses, and other physically challenging activities. Those daring souls need to come prepared, too—wear compression shorts and tees and comfortable sneakers, and a headband to keep your tresses out of the way while going through the mud.

Girl on mud obstacle race

Just to the west of Miami, the Everglades proves to be a blank canvas for those in search of natural adventures. You can go hiking, bike on endless trails, or canoe through the swampy marshlands for epic views of the sunset. If you’re suddenly in the need for speed while on these passive exercises, venture onto an air boat ride through the park.

Take an air boat ride on the Everglades

The small boat jets through the sawgrass mangroves at about 40 miles per hour, taking you through the flora and fauna of the park including the most famous native, the American alligator. You can even pet one at the Alligator Farm in the Everglades if you’re feeling extra brave.

An alligator in the Everglades

Underwater, the sights are much better on a scuba dive or snorkel in John Pennekamp State Park. Located in Key Largo, the underwater park reaches the Florida Reef, and offers visitors plenty of sights to see like the statue of Christ of the Abyss.

Christ of the Abyss

Ever tried a jet pack? Aqua Jet Miami offers visitors a range of watersports activities, including their jet pack excursion which is strapped to your back and pushes gallons of water from underneath catapulting you up to 60 feet above water. It’s quite the view from up there!

Aqua jetting

But nothing beats free-falling from the sky. Get exhilarating views of Miami’s skyline while falling from the sky at speeds of 120 miles per hour. The Miami Skydiving Center offers safe skydiving for first-time and experienced jumpers, and you get filmed in a 40-second freefall video to remember the thrilling moment for all time. Nothing conquers your fear of heights like jumping off a plane, right?

Try skydiving in Florida

You can also just opt for a smooth helicopter ride for views of the city, and avoid the stomach-in-your-throat feeling. But if you do want to do some kind of flying, The Trapeze Flying School in Downtown offers trapeze lessons for $70 for two hours. Learn how to swing through the air, and even attempt a catch.

The Flying Trapeze School

For a change of scenery and a dose of mystery, go to the PanIQ Room Escape in Wynwood with a couple of your friends. You’ll be locked in a room and given clues to figure out how to escape. The psychologically thrilling experience will test your problem-solving skills as you have to free yourself within 60 minutes. When you’re finally out of there, treat yourself to a good cocktail on the beach. Adventurers have to relax sometime.

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