A Book Lover's Guide to Miami, FL

Books in a shelf | Public Domain \ Pixabay
Books in a shelf | Public Domain \ Pixabay
It’s no secret people in the digital age don’t read as many books anymore. Literature has been condensed to short blurbs, quick catchy captions, and blogs that shorten everything down so as not to bore readers with, well, reading. However, the seemingly antiquated (it hurt to say it) way of learning information is still very much alive in Miami – there is still hope for curious readers struggling to cope in the 3-0-5.

Dunbar Old Books

Located near Bird Road, this used bookstore boasts a selection of over 25,000 out-of-print and secondhand books, so you may want to take your time smelling and fawning over crinkled pages. You can buy a book here, and know that it has a history – even those with annoying handwritten notes and highlighted paragraphs – or you can sell your old books too.
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Books & Books

Pairing food with reading has been a useful tactic for the biggest independent bookstore in the city. Books & Books has several locations in Miami, and each has an area for books as well as a café or bar to enjoy a dining experience along with an interesting read. But it doesn’t stop there – Books & Books also hosts a plethora of events from author meet-and-greets to writers’ workshops. Activities abound for the community to participate in.
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Bookstore, Shop
The previously nomadic artist’s bookstore recently settled into its brick-and-mortar shop in Little Haiti. Exile Books sells ‘zines and artist books from independent publishers, and serves as a space for exhibitions and lectures. Poetry collections by unknown and upcoming artists, and short stories by locals are among their eclectic stash.
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A&M Comics and Books

Stocked floor to ceiling with old and new comic books, A&M Comics is a Manga-loving haven. The little hole-in-the-wall tucked in Bird Road is actually one of the oldest comic book stores in the USA. There’s lots to geek out over – antique comics, posters and even collectible figures.

6650 Bird Rd, Miami, FL, USA +1 305-661-3406

Miami Book Fair

Since its debut in 1983, the Miami Book Fair lures in thousands of visitors to its annual literary festival held every November. The streets of Downtown are lined with countless tents selling books from every genre so you can count on spending hours browsing through titles. The fair lasts about a week, with each day scheduled to fit book signings, author lectures, live music and attractions for kids to enjoy.

Miami Book Fair © Bob B. Brown Flickr

Bookleggers Library

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a shelf of free books installed on a mural in Wynwood, then you’ve certainly caught sight of Bookleggers Library. The quirky mobile library based in Miami offers free books to the public in their semi-permanent access points, or at specific events. The non-profit is funded by the Knight Foundation and offers each person a free book, while the second book is $2, and trades are welcome. Check the calendar on their Facebook to learn of their next event.

Bookleggers Library’s book shelf in Wynwood © Christian Holler Flickr