8 Miami Instagrammers You Must Follow Now

Miami, Florida | Eddy/Flickr
Miami, Florida | Eddy/Flickr
Photo of Laurence Kidd
23 June 2017

Instagram: everyone’s got an account, and for the most part we’re proud of our posts and love seeing how many ‘likes’ we can earn through our creative endeavors. Inspiration is often necessary for anyone who is looking to perfect a craft, go on an adventure, or work on a project that seems impossible. Inspiration can be found in a multitude of different places, one of them being Instagram. Here, The Culture Trip presents eight of Miami’s brightest Instagram stars, all of whom are paving the way for new photographers and creative spirits to engage the world and find happiness in capturing the moods, colors, rhythms, and emotions of the places we live and visit.


Constantly searching for new spots to shoot and new ways to show a different perspective of Miami, Brian Ladder is apparently as addicted to photography as we are to his Instagram account. His daily reality is being able to explore the streets of Miami and sharing his findings with his 57.6k followers. Brian is clearly one of Miami’s most talented creatives; we strongly suggest you follow him if you like moody pictures, vast landscapes, and plenty of majestic Miami-beach-related pictures.

'till next time, sun. ✌🏼️

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Part fashion blogger, part travel enthusiast, and an expert on all things beauty, Annie Vasquez is also an Instagram queen. The Culture Trip and our faithful readers might remember her name, seeing as she was profiled on a list of Miami fashion bloggers that are turning heads and doing big things. Photography is just one of Annie Vasquez’s many talents; she is also a very skilled designer, journalist, and teacher. Check out her blog The Fashion Poet and make sure to follow her on Instagram if you have a special affinity for style and beauty.

Hair Twirler 💁 Art: @aholsniffsglue Photo: @dmargherite #miami #streetphotography #lwd #august #latina #305

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Woo and his family moved from Panama to Florida when he was three years old. He fell in love with photography just a few years ago, when he received a Nikon D3200 for his birthday. He was a natural, and within weeks of discovering his new talent, Woo was amazing his friends and family with his Instagram account. In the last two years, Woo has gained nearly 53k followers and his posts are nearing the 1,000 mark. Check out @woosupreme now!


When you’re closing in on 120k Instagram followers, you know you’ve got to have a special gift. Noah. M is from Miami Beach and he’s got a ardent passion for capturing the various moods of South Florida. One of his favorite things to shoot is the sky, focusing on the weather and climate patterns of Florida, as they can change in a heartbeat from sunny and bright to dark and stormy. Palm tree and sun sets are another couple of motifs that are part of his magnificent collection.


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A master of composition, Madeleine Luis is an up-and-coming Miami Instagrammer who will blow you away with her photographs. Many pictures are like the one below; they show a sophisticated understanding of depth, lighting and space. What makes Madeleine’s work even more impressive is that she only uses her iPhone, while being able to snap some incredible and professional-grade shots of both scenic landscapes and natural action scenes.

There is no end to spirit There is no end to space There is no end to love There is no end to grace

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Robert M. Drake is a global sensation. He is a writer, a poet, and a clever user of Instagram, using this social media as a way to promote and display his work. He has an astonishing 1.6 million followers, and Miami is indeed proud to call him one of our own. R. M. Drake goes by the username @rmdrk and he mainly uses Instagram as a creative way to share his poetry with the world, but also enjoys telling us about his upcoming books and giving us a preview of his new releases.


Local and photographer extraordinaire, Tola Osokoya has been tearing it up on his Instagram account for years. He has lived in South Florida his whole life and his photos reflect his knowledge and passion for the simple, often ignored, beauties of Florida life. With 186k followers, @hi_tola is one of the most followed Instagram accounts in all of South Florida, and for good reason!

I personally think @realdonaldtrump is a THOT..

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Aleem Ali (aka acetrini87) is doing something very creative and the Instagram world is noticing. He’s quickly emerging onto the scene as one of Miami’s best photographers. What’s he doing exactly that makes him unique? Well, he’s capturing the life of Miami in black and white. Not easy to do these days, especially when Miami is known for being a city full of bright colors. Aleem, however, is putting on a masterclass. His black and white photographs capture the rhythms and motions of Miami’s urban culture while leaving much of the interpretation up to the viewers themselves.


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