The 10 Best Restaurants In East Bridgeport, Connecticut

Prachi Vyas

East Bridgeport borders the beautiful stretch of Long Island Sound, one of the few quaint Connecticut neighborhoods to do so. With three different historic districts – including the Deacon’s Point – the East End is filled with architectural housing relics from before World War I. With as much to see as there is to eat, take a seat at one of East End’s unforgettable restaurants and enjoy the gorgeous port views.

Marina l

Dolphin’s Cove Restaurant

Seafood restaurants are easy enough to come by in a port side city, but the freshness you’ll find at Dolphin’s Cove is unparalleled. The delectable clams, salty mussels and tender bass are just a few examples of the underwater treasures caught and prepared Portuguese-style every day at Dolphin’s Cove. You can get your seafood of choice cooked exactly how you like: grilled, steamed, sauteed – anything goes for the chefs at Dolphin’s. Make sure you grab a table on the outdoor deck overlooking the marina to get a good dose of fresh sea air with your fresh seafood.
Address and telephone number: 421 Seaview Ave, Bridgeport CT +1 (203) 335-3301

Chicken Piccata

Ralph ‘n’ Rich’s

Ralph ‘n’ Rich’s is a beloved institution. The customers keep coming back for the inviting, warm atmosphere created by the family-run restaurant, so much so that they’re willing to take a ferry down just for a bite of the tender Chicken Piccata. With an ambiance halfway between traditional Italian and upscale dining, “R ‘n’ R’s” is simply not to be missed
Address and telephone number: 815 Main St, Bridgeport, CT 06604 +1 (203) 366-3597

Eggs Benedict

Barnum Publick House

Bridgeport is famously known as the town whose mayor was once P.T. Barnum, circus promoter extraordinaire. What most don’t know is that there’s an eponymous restaurant and bar located in the East End serving classic New American cuisine. Barnum Publick House looks like a tavern stuck in time with wine-colored walls and tin ceiling panels but with a modern edge in its glass wall sconces and sleek white marble bar top. Come here not just for excellent burgers and brunch, but also for the new-meets-old ambiance.
Address and telephone number: 1020 Broad St, Bridgeport, CT 06604 +1 (203) 690-1044

Sweet potato fries

Miss Thelma’s

Bridgeport knows how to do soul food and you’ll find it at Miss Thelma’s. For a heartwarming, satisfying meal that gives you an authentic taste of Southern comfort in port-side Connecticut, visit Miss Thelma’s and ask for the sweet potato fries.

Address and telephone number: 140 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604 +1 (203) 337-9957

Simon and the Bar Sinisters – Two Boots Pizza, Bridgeport

Two Boots of Bridgeport

Two Boots is the only place in Connecticut where you can truly have the sought-after combination of “dinner and a show.” This novelty tavern-esque pizza joint also doubles as a live stage for local musicians and entertainers. The spicy pizza sauce is inspired by Cajun cuisine, and you’ll also encounter tasty hints of Louisiana Creole in the marinara dipping sauce and hot garlic knots. Call the restaurant ahead of time to find out the Happy Hour deal of the week.
Address and telephone number: 281 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604 +1 (203) 331-1377

Empanadas l

El Pueblito

Get your Colombian fix at El Pueblito, an authentic teal-colored restaurant tucked away in Bridgeport’s lively Wall Street. With a menu that proudly boasts only the most traditional dishes of Colombia’s fiery culture, El Pueblito uses only the best local ingredients: onions, green tomatoes, red peppers and much more. Keep an eye out for a spinning grill that El Pueblito keeps inside the kitchen, also called the churrasco. It will char your rib eye steak or pork tender loin to juicy, tender perfection.
Address and telephone number: 121 Wall St, Bridgeport, CT 06604 +1 (203) 334-9002


Star of Istanbul

You’re in Bridgeport’s East End and you suddenly find yourself craving baba ghanoush. Where else is better than the much-loved Star of Istanbul, serving up the intricate foods and flavors of robust Levantine culture? Located within walking distance of the City Lights Gallery, the Star of Istanbul celebrates the delicious flavors of fresh-baked pita bread, the full-bodied aroma of Turkish coffee and the silky taste of roasted chickpea hummus.
Address and telephone number: 29 Markle Ct, Bridgeport, CT 06604 +1 (203) 923-8100

Prime Rib

Joseph’s Steakhouse

There are plenty of smokehouses in Bridgeport but none of them are quite like Joseph’s Steakhouse. The affable all-male staff is exactly what you might expect from a steakhouse founded by the reputable Joseph Kustra, a Croatian immigrant now famous for his smokehouse culinary treats. Serving only the juiciest USDA prime dry aged beef, Joseph and his men have truly earned their accolades and cult status as a Bridgeport landmark.
Address and telephone number: 360 Fairfield Ave, Ste 2, Bridgeport, CT 06604 +1 (203) 337-9944

Rice ball

Toni’s Tuscan Table

Italian flair has a home inside Toni’s Tuscan Table. Having recently moved to a new location on Broad Street, Toni’s is now much more accessible, which is good news for its fans. Just a short walk from the Housatonic Museum of Art, it offers rice balls stuffed with an incredible three types of cheese, fried to a crisp and served with homemade red sauce. The ambiance is classically Italian, and the food is extraordinarily so.
Address and telephone number: 1006 Broad St, Bridgeport, CT 06604 +1 (203) 814-7477


Tiago’s Bar and Grill

Breathing new life into the old “bar and grill” joint is Tiago’s, a Spanish-style tapas bar off State Street. Their taco menu is a nod to the modern while still retaining the zest and flavor of Latino cuisine. Tiago’s is especially alive with the chatter and laughter of friends around Happy Hour thanks to the generous prices and specialty cocktails. Check out the newest additions when you stop by: the Spiced Sangria, which gives a feisty kick to the fruity wine, and The Linda, an electric blue cocktail which celebrates Bridgeport’s closeness to the sea.
Address and telephone number: 211 State St #102, Bridgeport, CT 06604 +1 (203) 873-0282

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