Where To Go In LA According To Your Zodiac Sign

Checking horoscopes is a routine for many people
Checking horoscopes is a routine for many people | © Jack Fletcher / Culture Trip
Photo of K Santos
3 October 2018

In a city that thrives on holistic trends and astrological fates, traveling by your zodiac sign isn’t so outrageous.

Personality traits in LA are often the deciding factors of whether you are a Venice vegan tea drinker or a Rodeo drive glam shopper. And there is certainly a method to finding your way around the city of angels according to your zodiac sign.

In Los Angeles, asking a stranger for their astrological sign is as common as a handshake. With thousand-year-old roots, Western astrology continues to determine the most refined personality ticks, romantic personas, and even destinies (you can practically prepare your week based on which planets are in retrograde). Although daily horoscope checks are now routine for the masses, many still wonder: can your date of birth really determine your interests?

Comedians Lisa Chanoux, Stevie Anderson, and Julia Loken – the hosts behind What’s Your Sign?, a weekly podcast analyzing zodiac interests – believe your birth chart could actually help determine your favorite places in any city you visit. Their local expertise can help anyone from a Taurus to a Saggitarius navigate the expansive offerings of Los Angeles. And this breakdown is the ultimate guide to finding your way around LA based on your personal zodiac characteristics.

Aries, Taurus & Gemini | © Jack Fletcher / Culture Trip


(March 21-April 19)

“Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a definite go-getter,” said Loken, a fellow Fire sign. That daring spirit and desire for perpetual accomplishment could lead an Aries straight into an exhilarating adventure at the Universal Studios theme park, where you’ll likely end up experiencing the height of LA filmmaking in a single afternoon. For Aries craving stimulation and excitement, the park offers everything from backwards rollercoasters to motion simulators to live out your acrobatic dreams. Not to mention, a Waterworld show filled with pyrotechnics and exhilarating stunts.

At night, Aries often opt to sustain that energetic momentum. According to Anderson, “tons of charisma is great for a high-energy place.” Ram energy falls right in sync at Oil Can Harry’s, an upbeat queer bar with country line dancing and a weekly karaoke night. At this studio city establishment, you can experience a sparkly hoedown while listening to Dolly Parton dance remixes that won’t leave an active Aries the least bit bored.


(April 20-May 20)

A fellow Taurus, Anderson said that “this Venus-ruled sign loves to be pampered in every way.” For the Taurus who adores a quick (or not-so-quick) massage, the euphoric confines of Wi Spa – a 48,000-square-foot oasis in Koreatown – is the perfect place to put your feet up. After a healthy day of sweating, resting and relaxing, switching gears and locations to a Taurus’ other passion is key: food.

“Food is a serious love for any Taurus,” said Chanoux, also a fellow Taurus. Although the foodie-centric bull sign could find solace in any of LA’s legendary restaurants, choices aren’t so necessary in Grand Central Market (or “Taurus Heaven” as Anderson calls it) in downtown. “You won’t have to choose just one thing to eat,” said Anderson. The Market offers menu options from around the world, so visitors can start with a falafel salad before heading to a Chinese diner and ending their meal with a classic California wine.


(May 21-June 20)

The Satellite is Silver Lake’s clubby paradise for the in-the-know hip crowd – an ideal place for a Gemini’s social butterfly tendencies. Depending on the night, the club functions as a hangout for comedy acts, indie bands, or high-pulse DJ sets where Gemini can co-mingle with their fellow twins. As Chanoux puts it, “you’ll be friends with the whole bar by the end of the night.” Grab your new friends and squeeze into the club’s black and white photo booth to commemorate your debauchery.

Before dancing to the Gemini beat, nourishment is key. “A Gemini is all about duality,” Chanoux explained. “The twins represent a very playful and social nature – always on-the-go.” As a Zodiac on-the-go, these dual personalities can grab a quick taco at one of the city’s many Guisados locations (Echo Park, WeHo, and the original Boyle Heights are a few favorites). For more local fast food flavor, California native turned food truck restaurateur Roy Choi features a ton of healthy but inexpensive options like messy greens and chili bowls on the LocoL’s menu. Located in Watts, the restaurant features a menu to fit any mood.

Cancer, Leo & Virgo | © Jack Fletcher / Culture Trip


(June 21-July 22)

“Moon-ruled Cancer will lose their minds at the cuteness overload of a cat café,” says Loken. Thankfully, Melrose has its own adorable cat café: Crumbs & Whiskers. This West Hollywood joint is where a Cancer can pet rescue kittens and drink a latté any day of the week. And, all proceeds go towards helping cats from kill shelters find homes. Each cat-petting session runs 70 minutes, and to heighten amenities, the café also hosts events ranging from comedy sets to cat yoga.

“Those born under the crab love historic treasures,” Anderson said. An afternoon cruising with the top down over the hills of Mulholland Drive as you visit the Old Hollywood sites is an ideal outlet for those falling into the Cancer birth chart. If you’re not sure where to go, guided tours with StarLine’s Turner Classic Movies visit tons of locations from the golden days of La-la-land, complete with scene clips from favorite classic films. Having a love of history doesn’t mean Cancers only want to see the cushy stuff. For more curious crabs, the Esotouric’s Bus Adventures offer to take guests through the lesser known history of LA’s past. Depending on the tour, visitors could be following in a famous writer’s footsteps or investigating the famous mysteries surrounding the unsolved Black Dahlia murder case.


(July 23-August 22)

The average Leo tends to be prideful – but not without a sunny disposition (literally). “Leo is ruled by the sun, so visiting a park will have them purring with delight,” Anderson said. Luckily for Leo, the City of Angels is home to more than a few parks worth visiting. For an intimate picnic watching the sunset, Barnsdall Art Park is a great dog-friendly space with sweeping views of the city and a county-operated art gallery. If it’s a particularly hot day, find a wide brim sun hat and rent a peddle boat at Echo Park Lake. You’ll be the belle of the swan boats.

As for evening events, “Leo tend to be very charming in smaller social settings,” Loken explains. A rented karaoke room for the night with friends is the perfect place for a brazen confident self. Proud Leo signs can belt out Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” over the loudspeakers, and the next day indulgences can continue at HoneyHi. A Leo can refresh and reset with a Los Angeles-approved glow-inducing routine at this downtown café known for its sustainable comfort food.


(August 23-September 22)

“Channeling the inner Earth goddess and being in nature is essential for many Virgos,” Chanoux explained. An afternoon walking through the herb gardens and picturesque fountains at The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades is a great way for a Virgo to experience art and nature in one package. The Villa offers a variety of history (antiquities over a millenia old), art (life-size Grecian statues galore), fine art shows (calendars of classical theater and modern music), and nature (a view of the entire Malibu coast).

But, Virgo only want the very best. “[They] have a reputation for being perfectionists,” Chanoux continued. Little Tokyo’s Daikokuya is where perfectionism meets cuisine – minus the less than ideal waiting time to be seated. A Virgo can still utilize waiting time by hitting up one of the best shopping districts nearby in Little Tokyo. With everything from cosmetic shops, container stores, authentic Japanese markets, and random goods, this is the perfect spot to peruse this cultural mecca of West LA.

Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius | © Jack Fletcher / Culture Trip


(September 23-October 22)

In a city filled with Instagrammable places, Libra have an overwhelming number of choices for aesthetically-pleasing places to visit in LA. And according to Loken, “any Libra loves to get that picture-perfect shot.” Visit the LACMA for the classic Angeleno photo op at the Urban Lights – a massive structure of gas lamps that is visually synonymous with the downtown area. After strolling through the museum, Libras should head to Ray’s and Stark Bar for a glass of chilled rosé and live jazz.

“Libras tend to love love – they are ruled by Venus, a planet named after the Goddess of Love,” Loken says. For the romantic height of dating in the city, LA’s most luxurious dimly-lit hot spots are the Art District’s Bestia or Melrose’s Osteria La Buca. Both celeb-favorite dining establishments are tucked away in their own downtown hubs that are perfect for a private meal. Afterwards, hit up Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery for an outdoor movie screening among Old Hollywood’s most limelight-loving stars.


(October 23 – November 21)

“Scorpio is ruled by the eighth house of death, so they may want to go somewhere to scratch their morbid curiosity itch,” says Anderson. A day at the Museum of Death in Hollywood is enough to excite any inquisitive Scorpio. The museum features a collection of art and materials from some of the most notorious serial killers from around the world. But, fair warning: the museum is not for the faint of heart.

After visiting here, a stiff drink is necessary to unwind. At the The Dresden, ghosts of old barflies stick around for years. If you need some snacks afterwards, head a few doors down to dine on some escargot al fresco at Figaro Bistro for some great people-watching in the artist-filled Los Feliz Village. A Scorpio is guaranteed to leave satiated just by walking the streets of this thriving LA neighborhood.


(November 22-December 21)

“Jupiter – the planet of luck – rules Sagittarius,” fellow Sagittarius Loken said. Good luck could translate into loads of cash during a morning of gambling at the Santa Anita Race Track. Bloody Mary drinks and oversized hats are essential for an optimal good time. Located in Arcadia, the famous racetrack allows visitors to view live horse races from a few different seat choices. The luckiest of the lucky ones get to see the racetrack’s invite-only Eddie Logan Suite with panoramic views and a private bar.

For a Sagittarius to thrive at night, they need to be both visually and audibly stimulated. According to Loken, “Sagittarius tend to be energetic, philosophical, and the life of the party.” A place like the Silver Lake establishment Akbar uses both sides of that coin – whether its overhearing a heady conversation in the jukebox room, or hitting the dancefloor with a gin and tonic in hand. For a Sagittarius that needs both, Akbar brings the magic.

Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces | © Jack Fletcher / Culture Trip


(December 22-January 19)

According to Anderson, Capricorns are known for being bookworms. “They usually have impressive, ever-growing libraries,” he states. For booklovers, the city’s favorite go-to bookstores are Skylight Books in Los Feliz or Book Soup in West Hollywood for the widest selection of writers, both local and international. If used books are more your thing, combing through the massive labyrinthine The Last Bookstore in downtown is guaranteed to yield some great finds.

On the flip side, “[a Capricorn] can sometimes get exhausted doing things that everyone else does – they have to let their freak flags fly,” Anderson said. Capricorns might like to blend in with the masses while the sun is out, but at night, one of LA’s legendary fringe dive bars, Jumbo’s Clown Room, is perfect to let out that signature wild side. Located in LA’s Thai Town, this eccentric, family-owned strip club was once the workplace of the original wild child, Courtney Love.


(January 20 to February 18)

“The words usually used to describe Aquarius are unpredictable, fashionable, and humanitarian,” Anderson said. “As an Air sign, they’re curious but they definitely have a side that cares about the world.” While there are invigorating sit-ins, protests, or advocacy group rallies to attend all over the city of angels, a curious and history-obsessed Aquarius can also enjoy bizarre stories and unusual displays at the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Palms. The inexplicably-curated museum features exhibitions based on history, art, science and curiosities – replete with a Russian-style tea room. This place of wonderment is just bizarre enough for the far-out Aquarius.

As for nighttime activities, individuality meets nostalgia in true Aquarius fashion at the Moonlight Rollerway – a place that has hosted everyone from pro-skaters to flightful kids since the mid-century. Decorated with a large disco ball and reflecting strobe lights, it’s common to see a diverse mix of people in unique and sparkly costumes. For those who move to the beat of their own drum, this place offers strange fashions and party people who love to skate right into the age of Aquarius.


(February 19 – March 20)

“Pisces are artists and love beautiful pieces of art,” says Chanoux. An art-obsessed city, Los Angeles offers a variety of curated feats. While museums like The Broad and MOCA are must-see attractions, the Art District’s large gallery Hauser & Wirth regularly features world-renowned exhibitions. For Pisces seeking a more local/DIY outlet, there are options aplenty – the pink-painted art gallery Junior High, known for their lectures by young thinkers and meme art exhibitions is one preferred Pisces choice.

Chanoux also suggested that Pisces are unique social beings who thrive on surrounding themselves with compatible thinkers. “They like meeting like-minded people and are laid-back if they’re in a comfortable place,” chimes Anderson. Cozying up for a picnic at the Hollywood Bowl is the perfect place for good vibes-loving Pisces. It is the ideal spot for groups to listen to live music and expand their network. Depending on the particular event’s B.Y.O.B. rules, packing great snacks and wine is a must.

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