Where To Get Great Pizza In Fresno, California

Catrina Pang

If you’re tired of the same old chain pizza places and looking for something exciting and fresh, Fresno has you covered. Join us as we explore some of the best quality and most unusual pizzas in Fresno, California.

Tony’s Pizzeria

Family-owned and operated, Tony’s Pizzeria has served up freshly made pizzas to Fresno’s families for 45 years. Patrons love to watch as the authentic Italian pizzas are made right in front of them with the freshest ingredients. Tony’s is heralded as the place to go for home-cooked food that tastes like something your Italian grandmother would make. People especially love the fresh sauce homemade by the Sicilian woman who owns the place. The crust is also made to order, so you can get it as thin or thick as you’d like. The staff are all extremely friendly and welcoming, which keeps customers coming back again and again. There are only a few tables in the restaurant, so it’s usually best to get your food to go. With no website, social media, or advertising, Tony’s relies solely on word of mouth to bring in customers, but that hasn’t kept it from becoming a local favorite for authentic Italian food.
413 W Shields Ave, Fresno, CA, USA, +1 559 224 3344

Mama Mia Pizzeria

If you’re looking for a substantial pizza with high-quality toppings and lots of them, you’ll love Mama Mia Pizzeria. All of their pizzas start with fresh dough made daily, homemade tomato sauce, and plenty of mozzarella cheese. You have the option of ordering one of their specialty pizzas, like the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, the Raisin Chicken Ranch, or the Bay Shrimp and Garlic. Alternatively, you can build your own and add any of the 18 toppings they offer. You can also order by the slice New York-style pizza or thick Chicago-style pan pizza. They also have a U-Bake pizza option with unlimited toppings. For more than 27 years, Mama Mia has been run by a friendly man named Mike, who is the second-generation owner and is currently training his family to eventually take over the business. There is very limited seating, but they also do take out and delivery and are known for really great customer service. Locals have been coming to this place for decades for the delicious thick crusted, cheesy pizzas. They also serve great Italian food like calzones and pastas.
734 W Bullard Ave, Fresno, CA, USA, +1 559 439 5303

Pacifica Pizza

A small chain started in 1985 in Benicia, California, Pacifica Pizza is known for having the finest quality pizzas. They use hand-tossed dough made fresh daily, real mozzarella cheese, and their own custom sauce blend. Locals love that the great customer service at Pacifica is always consistent, delivery is always quick, and the pizza is always good. They also often offer great deals that include not only pizza but also wings, ribs, breadsticks, salad, and soda. The pizza crust is airy and crispy, and is considered by many to be one of the best pizza crusts in the area. A popular specialty pizza that they serve is the Bulldog Special, which consists of pepperoni, Canadian bacon, fresh mushrooms, red onions, green bell peppers, black olives, Italian sausage, ground beef, salami, and extra cheese. They also serve great gourmet pizzas, including the favorite Funky Chunky Chicken with grilled chicken, Canadian bacon, creamy garlic ranch sauce, red onions, and bacon pieces. The place hasn’t been around for very long, but locals have quickly fallen in love with it.
7975 N Cedar Ave, Fresno, CA, USA, +1 559 554 9455

The Annex Kitchen

Perfectly cooked in an authentic wood oven, The Annex Kitchen’s pizzas have a crust that is the best blend of crispness and softness in all the right places. Authentic, first-rate ingredients come together for the toppings, many of which come from local sources. This upscale casual venue has a contemporary vibe, with large communal tables for walk ins, tables on the outer perimeters, and a beautiful bar with open viewing to the kitchen and pizza oven. This is the place to go in Fresno for authentic wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza that tastes like it came straight from Italy. The mixed mushroom pizza with truffled cheese is especially popular, as well as the Margherita finished off with ENZO olive oil and the prosciutto pizza with fresh arugula and dressing on top. The carbonara pizza is also a crowd pleaser, which comes with an egg that you can break and rub all over the pie. They also have a fantastic wine list and cocktail menu for the perfect drinks to pair with your pizza.
2257 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA, USA, +1 559 248 8512

Douggy Fresh Pizza

For a great deal on fresh, delicious, and quick pizza, Douggy Fresh Pizza is the place to go. Many other pizza shops in the area might offer equally cheap prices, but Douggy beats them all out when it comes to quality. The friendly family who owns the place love to make delicious made to order pizzas with fresh ingredients and a wonderful soft and fluffy crust. Favorites are the Douggy Fresh pizza, the Hawaiian, and the Chicken White Sauce with onion and bacon bits. They definitely load plenty of toppings on all of their pizzas as well. They don’t have much seating, but you can call ahead to place an order for it to be ready when you arrive, or you can have it delivered quickly. Douggy has become the local favorite for great quality bargain pizzas, and once you try it, you’ll never want to go anywhere else again.
1585 N Palm Ave, Fresno, CA, USA, +1 559 237 3800

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