Top 10 Restaurants In Simi Valley, California

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For residents and visitors to Simi Valley, the drive into Los Angeles can be daunting. Though only 40 miles out of town, LA’s famous traffic can make a drive downtown from the suburbs impossible. But never fear restaurant-goers, we’ve discovered 10 restaurants in Simi Valley that will make you want to stay in the ‘burbs. We promise that you won’t miss the big-city hassle.

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1. Ali Baba's Cafe

Restaurant, Mediterranean

For over 15 years, Ali Baba’s Cafe has been putting a little spice into the lives of Simi Valley residents. The restaurant consistently gets enthusiastic, 5-star reviews from locals and regulars. The Mediterranean menu offers well-loved classics, from tried and true family recipes. Fan favorites include meat kebabs, roasted leg of lamb, and shawarma. Vegetarians and vegans need not fear; the house-made hummus, baba ganoush, and falafel sandwiches are all dynamite. Every dish is made fresh and from scratch daily. And certainly don’t leave without trying the baklava; it’s the perfect finish for any of their meals.

2. Ferretiz Grill & Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant, American, Pub Grub

The location of this little cafe may seem strange at first; it is housed in an unassuming strip mall. But once inside, customers are warmly greeted and treated like family. Ferretiz Grill & Cafe is truly a local spot. The restaurant is open daily for breakfast and lunch and serves home-style favorites without any frills. For a lazy morning, enjoy mammoth omelets, biscuits and gravy, or a short stack of pancakes. If stopping by for lunch, regulars go for the turkey melt, a burger off the grill, or one of Ferretiz’s fresh salads. The fare is classic American, and always spot-on.

3. Fire Island Grill

Bar, Pub Grub

Fire Island Grill is like a refreshing jaunt to the Pacific Islands, right in the heart of Southern California. Since opening in 2012, this lively joint quickly garnered a loyal following. The interior of the restaurant is a breezy homage to the islands, with palm trees and beach scenes painted on the walls and tiki hut grass acting as a canopy over the drink station. If not already transported to somewhere tropical upon arrival, the food will take you there in an instant. Most dishes start with a bed of steamed rice or noodles, topped with your choice of meat, veggies, and flavorful sauce. The result is a one-pot wonder that will appease even the biggest appetite.

4. Greek House Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant, Greek

A classic bibimbap
© Satomi Abe/Flickr
Greek House Cafe is a culinary powerhouse tucked away in a strip mall. The restaurant is no stranger to the spotlight, having won awards from LA’s Best Food for eight years in a row. Despite its celebrity, Greek House Cafe remains a humble business, simply serving fantastic food every day. Enjoy classic Greek dishes like pita sandwiches, gyros, and meat kebabs. The spanakopita spinach pie and dolmades are made fresh daily. And if you haven’t tried avgolemono before, this is the place to do so. It is an authentic Greek soup made with chicken, orzo pasta, egg, and plenty of zingy lemon.

5. KalbeQ

Restaurant, Korean

Taking us to an entirely different quadrant of the world, KalbeQ is a Korean barbecue restaurant in the heart of Simi Valley. Also known to locals as Ayce KBBQ, the restaurant is a smorgasbord of Korean goodness. Patrons pay one flat price and then dine on over 60 menu options to their heart’s delight. It’s impossible to leave this place without being happy and full, with dishes to please a wide array of preferences. Meat dishes like chicken bulgogi and marinated pork belly are widely popular, while the bibimbap hot pots can be made with or without meat. With friendly service and an infinite number of possibilities for your meal, KalbeQ is truly an experience not to miss.

6. Old School Sandwiches & Salads

Restaurant, American

Old School Sandwiches & Salads is a throwback to slower days and easier times. Being an old-school and old-fashioned haunt is what this restaurant aims for, providing healthy meals that are carefully thought out. Meats are slow roasted in house each day and then turned into classic sandwiches like the Haystack pastrami with melted cheese and mustard. If you haven’t had meatloaf in a while, try their sandwich version, with a sweet and savory glaze, havarti cheese, and caramelized onions. Old School even makes its own peanut butter in house, for the perfect pb&j. This is home-style, no-tricks food at its best.

7. Sake 2 Me Sushi

Restaurant, Sushi, American

Simi Valley
© Fred Rockwood/Flickr
With simple ingredients and a pretty straightforward design, it’s a wonder how there are so many places that mess up sushi. But Sake 2 Me Sushi in Simi Valley gets it right every time. Ingredients are scrupulously selected to ensure the highest quality and freshest product. From there, expert chefs mold the ingredients to create a wealth of delectable dishes. Customers can enjoy those dishes to their heart’s content with the restaurant’s all-you-can-eat-style delivery. The folks at Sake 2 Me Sushi are just plain friendly, good people. They love what they do, and they love sharing it.

8. Sutter’s Mill

Restaurant, Steakhouse

Sutter’s Mill has a long history in Southern California, with the first restaurant opening in the San Fernando Valley over 50 years ago. Over time, things changed and the family ended up moving the restaurant to Simi Valley in 2007. Since then, the heritage of home-style favorites and antique-clad walls has welcomed a new generation of fans. The steakhouse specializes in down-home, western standards, like hand-cut steaks, prime rib, and baby back ribs. This is the place in town to get surf and turf, with combinations of steak with scallops, lobster, shrimp, and crab. Plan to leave room for the fried cheesecake; it is a dessert not to be missed.

9. Betos Italian Bistro

Bistro, Italian

Betos touts fresh, authentic Italian fare and this place is popular for a reason. The experienced chefs roll out pastas, pizzas, and more to eager patrons. Because the dining area itself is rather small, there can be a wait for a table on busy nights. Rest assured, your waiting will be rewarded with top-notch food and impeccable service. From the start of the meal with fried calamari or steamed clams to your tiramisu dessert at the end, you may think you’ve spent the evening in Italy.

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