Top 10 Most Accurate LA Stereotypes

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For Angelenos, life may not always be a figurative “walk in the park,” but literally a stroll – more about the journey than the actual destination. And it does help that the destination may be a morning meditation class or routine stop at Pressed Juicery…While Los Angeles may be famous for its beautiful beaches, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and celebrity sightings, the city is fueled by more than overpriced gas. It is the overall character of LA that keeps the city more alive than ever. Get your head out of the clouds and check out our complete list of LA stereotypes.

Classic LA Palm Trees


Nicknamed “la la land” for its carefree, ‘lax attitude, it seems as though everyone in LA tends to speak slower and with less urgency than the rest of the world. So when in LA, do as the Angelenos do: grab a corona and lime, lay out by the pool, and take it easy because life is too short, and too beautiful to spend time worrying (it must be all the yoga, meditation, and cage-free eggs we eat.)

L.A. Juice

Health Conscious

Within an hour in LA, you have met approximately five vegans, a vegetarian, and a gluten-free yoga instructor. Two words, kale salad (with half an avocado). LA natives are famous for their all organic eating and various diets. Although we do enjoy our guilty pleasure animal fries at In-N-Out Burger, frequent trips to L.A. Juice and Urth Cafe are the icing on the carrot cake or better yet, the honey drizzle on that acai bowl. We take our health very seriously, as the #1 US producer of broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, and avocados.

Plaza at Rodeo Drive


What says LA more than perfect sunshine weather, a “faux-European shopping alley,” and towering palm trees up against the clear blue sky. Although this may not be true for all Angelenos, a majority of the population follows the latest in trends from attire to automobiles. Brand-name clothing, designer handbags, and red-bottom pumps are worn by more than just the stars and add to the glamour of the city. Although cars are needed to survive in LA, they are way more than just a means of survival. In a city where people spend a majority of their time in traffic, exotic automobiles become status symbols, representing luxury.

Naomi Watts and Family at the Brentwood Farmers Market


“Do you see famous people all the time?” is one of the most frequently asked questions for people in LA, and the answer is yes, all the time. And who knows – if you’re lucky, you might even match one on Tinder. Celebrity sightings in LA are as typical as seeing a Starbucks on every other street corner; a simple trip to the gas station can quickly turn into an angry altercation with the paparazzi. A picture is worth a thousand words, and you may just find your candids from that Sunday trip to the Grove on the front page of the tabloids, right behind Ashton Kutcher.

Traffic in LA

If we’re not stuck in traffic, we’re talking about traffic

People from LA may obsess over many things including The Bar Method and vegan chocolate chip cookies, but traffic certainly takes its toll. The 101 and the 405 have evolved from simple means of transportation to hot topics of conversation and everyone in LA knows to expect traffic at any time of day, especially when Obama is visiting. Don’t even think about taking Wilshire (plan ahead with some emergency gluten-free snacks and a traffic jam-out playlist).

Runyon Canyon Inspiration Point

Toned, Tan, and Beautiful

In a city where bikini season is year round, people in LA are constantly working on staying in shape with this never-ending fitness craze. Workout clothes make up more than half a person’s wardrobe, often times worn without the slightest intention of working out. Runyon Canyon is a local favorite and one of the only places in the world where you will feel compelled to wear make-up on a hike (because you need to look perfect for that “I made it, ma” selfie). With the help of spray tans and the tanning bed, even if you’re pale, you’re tan.

Rainy Days in LA

The Rain is Catastrophic

From the first drop on the pavement to the slightest sign of drizzle, the city spirals into a slow panic. It begins with the social media frenzy – Snapchats displaying the temperature below 80 degrees and Facebook statuses updates warning others about “the storm” on the horizon. After the excitement cools down, we run to the back of our closets and deck ourselves out in rain gear – yes, that means finally putting those 100 dollar pair of designer rain boots to use. Calling for cliché winter activities, hot chocolate, and Meg Ryan chick flicks, a rainy day in LA is the perfect staycation.

LA Times Building

Aspiring screenwriters, filmmakers, and actors

They’re everywhere, often spotted at the local coffeehouse or Crave Café in Sherman Oaks. Everyone is looking to be the next best thing since sliced bread… or pressed juice. If it’s not you typing away behind an old typewriter at 3:00 in the morning, chances are you know someone who is.

Green festival at Hollywood Hotel


From hippies in the Highlands to the environmentalists in Echo Park, the city is flooded with liberals. A morning grocery trip to Whole Foods is accompanied with being asked to sign a petition to save the whales. Reputably environmentalist from the toilets in Santa Monica, to the plastic bag ban, Los Angeles is swarming with eco-friendly activists in energy saver cars and Prii (the plural form of Prius).

500 Days of Summer takes place in the heart of LA

Nice Friendly People

It must be all the sunshine we get, or the organic food. Either way, Angelenos are almost always on their best behavior. Unless you catch them on the 405 or during a shortage of brussels sprouts, they will most likely spread positive energy your way.

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