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Breakfast © Pixabay
Breakfast © Pixabay
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The Top 10 Brunch Spots In Hayward, California

Picture of Garrett Young
Updated: 19 November 2016
Brunch is one of the more important meals of the day for late risers. Whether interested in the American interpretation, or trying out new flavors from around the world, it seems Hayward, California, has just that. Take a look at the top 10 suggestions as to where to get your brunch fix.
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The Cannery Café

Owned by Debbie Pfisterer and Elizabeth Fazzio, The Cannery Café is a community hot spot that has all your brunch needs. Ranging from classic breakfast meals of applewood smoked bacon with a side of scrambled eggs, to a bacon cheeseburger with a side of home style fries, enjoy the variety of their affordable menu while chatting with the locals. With a spacious modern setting, filled with natural light from the large glass doors, enjoy the rectangular picnic table aesthetics and the live bands that come to perform while you enjoy your meal.

The Cannery Café, 22380 Foothill Blvd Hayward, CA 94541, USA

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Amy’s Grill & Café

Hidden in a plaza, Amy’s Grill & Café presents a mom and pop style diner vibe. With both outside and indoor seating, enjoy powdered sugar french toast and their take on a sausage egg breakfast burrito. Whether you want to order burger to go or sit outside in the Hayward sunshine enjoying an omelet, Amy’s Grill & Café is a must-visit.

Amy’s Grill & Café, 31103 Mission Blvd Hayward, CA 94544, USA

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Hippie’s Brew

Known for their excellent take on a breakfast sandwiches, Hippie’s Brew, is a beloved brunch-to-go spot. The specialties here are the french toast sandwiches, and you can have them however you want. In addition, Hippie’s Brew also serves cheddar bacon scones, their take on an egg McMuffin, freshly baked cookies, and classic bagels. Wash it all down with a cup of coffee or one of their iced drips, or if you want to, enjoy your brunch on the go.

Hippie’s Brew, 21988 Foothill Blvd Hayward, CA 94541, USA

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Anna’s Family Coffee Shop

Anna’s Family Coffee Shop serves a hybrid American and Mexican brunch. Offering crispy toast, short stacks, hash browns, and delicious sausages, this family-owned joint is far different than your average chain breakfast spot. Anna’s Family Coffee Shop not only serves the best hot cakes with syrup, but goes far beyond with their selection of Mexican dishes. Aside from serving fried beans and yellow rice, you can also expect a beautifully full burrito with homemade salsa. Hop on down to the corner of Jackson and Grand, and enjoy the flavors that await you.

Anna’s Family Coffee Shop, 444 Jackson St Hayward, CA 94544, USA

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Tins Teapot Bistro

Unlike the popular belief, brunch is not just an American concept. Bringing dim sum to Hayward, Tins Teapot Bistro serves classic Chinese fare. Ranging from dumplings, noodles, sticky rice, egg tarts, and assorted meats and buns, this family style set up has your classic round tables, and dishes that are meant to be shared and served with hot tea.

Tins Teapot Bistro, 320 Jackson St Hayward, CA 94544, USA

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B Street Bar & Grill

Although mostly known as a bar, B Street Bar & Grill serves quick and affordable brunch. From classic hot cakes, french toast, corn beef hash, and home fries, B Street Bar & Grill has your American breakfast needs covered. Decorated with small tables, this bar and grill harks back to the simpler days of dining.

B Street Bar & Grill, 846 B St Hayward, CA 94541, USA

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Bay City Bistro

Open till 2:30pm, Bay City Bistro is stocked with sandwiches, salads, wraps, fish tacos, and classic omelet dishes. Boasting open interiors as well as outside seating, the location is excellent. Beware though, Bay City Bistro is bound to have a queue.

Bay City Bistro, 3979 Trust Way Hayward, CA 94545, USA

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Burger Road

Burger Road not only serves their namesake, but also dabbles in breakfast; from omelets and pancakes, to french toast and breakfast burritos. The interior boasts a snack bar next to the coffee machine, and a fridge filled with an assortment of juices that you can enjoy with your meal.

Burger Road, 2010 American Ave Hayward, CA 94545, USA

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Black Bear Diner

Themed and decorated with wooden black bears, Black Bear Diner offers traditional American meals that go down a treat with the locals. Serving meals ranging from classic prime ribs with mashed potatoes, to pancakes with sausages and scrambled eggs, the variety is endless. Whether you come with a group or by yourself to enjoy a hearty meal, the warm ambiance will make your dining experience a memorable one.

Black Bear Diner, 25202 Hesperian Blvd Hayward, CA 94545, USA

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Country Waffles

Country Waffles serves an assortment of waffles with fruit along with a variety of fruit toppings. Add to that stacked filled omelets and delicious skillets, and you’ve got yourself a feast. Located on Industrial Parkway, this family friendly franchise is great for children, serving pancakes that are shaped as animals.

Country Waffles, 30182 Industrial Pkwy SW, Hayward, California 94544, USA