The Top Brunch Spots In Palos Verdes, California

A Romanian Breakfast | © Joadl/WikiCommons
A Romanian Breakfast | © Joadl/WikiCommons
The laid-back atmosphere of Palos Verdes means many are eager to sleep in past breakfast, especially on the weekends. Don’t worry about missing out on the most important meal of the day because options abound, from local cafes to chain restaurants. Here is a look at the top nine places for a late breakfast or early lunch.

Bristol Café

Cafe, Coffee Shop, American, Tea
Eggs Benedict with cherry tomatoes
Eggs Benedict with cherry tomatoes | © Jon Mountjoy/Flickr
For quick service comfort food, this is your place. Bristol Café, right next to the Bristol Farms, does fill up quickly with their limited space, so get there early to make sure you don’t have to wait. Their omelets are well made, and the eggs Benedict is delicious with perfectly poached eggs and fluffy English muffins on the bottom.
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Yellow Vase Café

Cafe, American
French toast with strawberries
French toast with strawberries | French toast with strawberries
With four separate locations in Palos Verdes, this place is definitely a local favorite. If reading through the menu does not make you hungry, smelling the food once it comes out will most definitely do the job. One delectable and rich item is the red velvet French toast. Stuffed with smooth cream cheese, you will definitely feel full after eating this.
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Saint Honore Bistro Caffe

Bakery, Cafe, Dessert
Kale breakfast burrito
Kale breakfast burrito | © Cajsa Lilliehook/WikiCommons
A ten-minute walk from Palos Verdes High school, this little cafe is well hidden in the Lunada Bay Marketplace, but a popular go-to spot for anyone’s breakfast or lunch. There is no sign indicating its presence, but look out for the awnings, follow the patio tables, and you will find the place. A very popular menu item here is the breakfast burrito.
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Good Stuff Restaurant

Restaurant, American, $$$
Ham and cheese omelette
Ham and cheese omelette | © Andreas Praefcke/WikiCommons
Good Stuff Restaurant occupies Z Gallerie’s old spot at the Peninsula Center Mall. Though it is new, it has quickly become a hit with Palos Verdes locals; with an all-day breakfast, fresh fruit, and healthy alternatives for the more conscientious eater, their menu ranges from quinoa and protein shakes to omelets and pancakes. Especially delightful is their Jonesn’ for an Omelet. With guacamole and tomatoes on the side, this omelet is also gluten-free.
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Catalina Kitchen

Catalina Kitchen, one of Terranea Resort’s dining options, has a wonderful Sunday brunch. From sushi and sashimi to omelets, Catalina Kitchen serves up a wide variety of food; add that to a spectacular beach view, and you’ve got yourself a relaxing and delicious brunch.

Catalina Kitchen, 100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA, +1 310 265 2766

Mayer's Bakery

Bakery, Pastries
A donut display
A donut display | © Infrogmation of New Orleans/WikiCommons
A family-owned bakery, Mayer’s has no shortage of baked goods. With donuts and cookies galore, you’re bound to find something for every sweet tooth in the family. Their fluffy donuts make a perfect breakfast for anyone who prefers something sweet.
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Sea Beans

Cafe, Coffee Shop, Tea
A stack of pancakes with syrup
A stack of pancakes with syrup | ©  Michael Stern/WikiCommons
Great for a quick bite or an outing with friends, Sea Beans is another dining option at Terranea Resort. Their triple stack buttermilk pancakes are fluffy and feature just the right amount of sweetness to complement the berry compote and maple syrup.
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Amalfitano Italian Bakery

Bakery, Pastries
A colorful bakery display
A colorful bakery display | © Welleschik/WikiCommons
Located on the outskirts of Palos Verdes, Amalfitano has a wide array of pastries, ranging from napoleons to a classic American birthday cake. Their napoleons are carefully made; the puff pastry is a wonderful balance of puff and crispiness, and the cream in between the sheets is sweet and decadent.
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Marie Callender's

Bakery, Restaurant, American, $$$
With wonderful homestyle food and a ‘buy four, get four’ muffin promotion, Marie Callender’s is hard to dislike. Breakfast and brunch times typically aren’t as busy, and their large dining room means a short wait time to be seated. And, of course, when you’re done with your meal, take home a pie for dessert.
Looks like it's closed Hours or services may be impacted due to Covid-19
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