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Art gallery | Photo by Dannie Jing on Unsplash
Daren DeFrank

Photography as an art form is a relatively new medium. It has the unique ability to suspend a moment instantly as well as transport viewers back to the time and place the photo was shot. The lens grants artists the power to create their own vision in hard copy. With the ability to capture the entire world, photography’s allure is endless. Here we profile the best galleries to experience phenomenal photography in Los Angeles.
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Gallery Luisotti

Spend a day out in Santa Monica at Gallery Luisotti. The gallery space concentrates on a more target style and period of photography. Its main focus is the different aesthetic developments that materialized during the 1970s. The exhibits put an emphasis on landscape and non-narrative photos. Non-narrative photography is the beauty of the image without an added story element to the work. This style really began with the ‘New Topographics’ exhibition in New York in 1975, which presented landscape photographs devoid of any artistic frills and displayed the terrain in a stripped-down raw nature. Currently on display is Dents and Abrasions by Jon Divola. The exhibition is centered around the scars and marks left on abandoned places. Hurry in – this exhibit only runs until May 21st.



A gallery by any other name would still smell as sweet? Probably not considering the ROSEGALLERY is internationally recognized gallery. Founded in 1991 by Rose Shoshana the gallery consists of 20th and 21st century works on paper. The space is located in Santa Monica in the Bergamot Station Arts Center, and the gallery has a passion for art preservation. The mission is to ensure the ongoing development and presentation of art collections. Along with the bi-monthly exhibitions, the gallery participates in the community by taking part in art fairs both stateside and internationally.

Peter Fetterman Gallery

At a gallery

Also located in Bergamot Station at the Santa Monica Center of the Arts is the Peter Fetterman Gallery. The gallery was started by the owner of the same namesake who has been passionate about photography as an art medium for over 30 years. After starting his career as a filmmaker and collector, he was one of the first tenants at Bergamot Station. The space houses one of the largest inventories of classic 20th century photography in the country. Be sure to check out their specialty of humanist photographs. Works include famous artists such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Jeffrey Conley, and Sebastião Salgado (whose work is on exhibition now through June). Fetterman and his staff are dedicated to creating an appreciation of art through the powerful medium of photography.

Fahey/Klein Gallery

If you’re an art lover who craves choice and variety, look no further than the expansive collection at the Fahey/Klein Gallery. The gallery has over 8,000 photographs in stock and the website includes over 10,000 images. The work comes in all genres including portraits, landscapes, still-life, and reportage and contemporary. Every five weeks the gallery posts two-person exhibitions. This gallery is truly a global enterprise. Along with the curated shows in the Los Angeles venue, many personnel members curate between 15 – 20 fine art exhibitions for museums and galleries around the world. The space itself is considerable with a size of 3,800 square feet. Co-owner David Fahey has used his expertise for the craft not only to create immersive gallery space but has edited and contributed to the production over 65 photographic publications. The release is often coordinated with the release of publications at a correlated exhibit. Come visit this gallery that is big on content.

Kopeikin Gallery

Art is not only there to be adored and invoke emotion, but it is also meant to create a conversation. This ideal is especially true at the Kopeikin Gallery. The venue promotes itself as an easily accessible place where there is a free flow of discussion and information. During a walk through the space, you are likely to hear different whispers of conversation about the photographic monographs and art as a whole. They have the ability to obtain any photograph despite the current inventory. The gallery is also available to the community for private functions, showings, and filming.

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