The Top 10 Food Trucks In Oakland, California

Food Truck © UsuHeo/Pixabay
Food Truck © UsuHeo/Pixabay
Photo of Aviva Schmitz
26 October 2016

From fine dining options to casual venues, Oakland is home to lots of great restaurants. But if you don’t have the time or money for a sit-down meal, you’re in luck. The streets of Oakland play host to a fleet of food trucks, all offering their unique spin on dishes from different cultures. Check out our top 10 food trucks in Oakland, and get hungry.

Taqueria Sinaloa

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Tacos from Taqueria Sinaloa
Tacos from Taqueria Sinaloa | © Krista/Flickr
Without a doubt, Taqueria Sinaloa is where the locals go to get their Mexican food fix. From burritos and tacos to drinks like horchata, this famous food truck has everything that a stationary taqueria would offer, and more. We’re talking unusual options like cabeza, (cow’s head), alongside more traditional meat like chicken, carne asada, and carnitas. Taqueria Sinaloa also offers incredible value; for $12 you’ll get a burrito the size of your arm.

Royal Egyptian Cuisine

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Shawarma | © cyclonebill/Wikipedia
Experience shawarma at its best at Royal Egyptian Cuisine. This Jack London Square food truck offers both chicken and beef shawarma, alongside other Egyptian treats like lamb and beef gyros and falafel. You can sample everything and avoid having to make any hard decisions by asking for the Have It All sample platter. But if you don’t see anything to your liking on the menu, the chef will even whip up something special for you. Just tell him whether you prefer vegetables or meat and let him do his magic.

No Worries Filipino Vegan Cuisine

Vegans who ever find themselves frustrated by their limited options at other food trucks should make beeline for No Worries Filipino Vegan Cuisine. Their signature dish is lumpia, made with soy beef, shredded cabbage, peas, all rolled in a rice wrapper and deep fried. Or, try their adobo: fried soy chicken strips with eggplant marinated in soy sauce, bay leaves, garlic, and vinegar. Delivery is also available, ensuring that you get a taste of No Worries throughout Oakland.

No Worries, 1442 Franklin St, Oakland, CA 94612, USA

Kenny’s Heart and Soul

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Soul Food
Soul Food | © Amy Ross/Flickr
For some classic soul food, head to Kenny’s Heart and Soul. This food truck, which roams Downtown Oakland, serves up Southern favorites like fried chicken wings, mac n’ cheese, and barbeque pork ribs. You can also complement your meal with a delicious side like collard greens and spicy barbeque baked beans. Make sure that you save room for dessert, because the peach cobbler, pecan pie, and sweet potato pie are just like grandma made ’em.

Powered By Pork

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If you’re bored of the usual Mexican tacos and want to try something a little different, check out Powered by Pork. This food truck provides Vietnamese-inspired dishes such as tacos with carnitas braised in hoisin sauce with picked vegetables, and chicken salad made with bamboo shoots and mung bean sprouts. If you really fall in love with the creations of Powered by Pork, they also offer catering for your next event. The chefs are also incredibly accommodating when it comes to dietary restrictions: whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or allergic to nuts, just say so.

Liba Falafel

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Flafel Sandwich
Flafel Sandwich | © Gary Stevens/Flickr
Falafel lovers might find a new favorite dinner spot in Liba Falafel. This food truck traverses both Oakland and Berkeley, making several stops in both cities to satisfy hungry customers. Order a falafel sandwich and load it up with unlimited toppings at the falafel bar, and make sure you try the sweet potato fries with garlic, cilantro, and lime. Liba Falafel also makes sure to be environmentally conscious. Many ingredients are locally-sourced, all packaging is bio-degradable, and all cooking oil is converted into biofuel.

El Jalicience

If you ever find yourself hungry in East Oakland, head to El Jalicience. This taco truck is a veritable bargain; you can get three loaded tacos for just $4.50. But that low price tag doesn’t mean that quality is sacrificed. On the contrary, the meat is flavorful, the vegetables are fresh, and the tortillas are warmed to perfection. Whenever you go, there will probably be a line, but the amazing food here is definitely worth the wait. Just make sure you have cash on hand, because credit cards aren’t accepted.

El Jalicience, 2045 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602, USA

Opie’s GSP

Opie’s GSP (which stands for gourmet stacked burgers), is Oakland’s go to food truck for burgers and fries. Despite the small space in which the food is prepared, Opie’s is able to offer a variety of artisan burgers. Try the Brooklyn burger, with garlic bread, grilled onions, pickles, and sauerkraut; or the signature Opie burger, with cheddar, a fried egg, peppered bacon, avocado, and onion. Vegetarians will also be more than satisfied at Opie’s GSP, the Herbivore burger, which is made with a portabella mushroom and comes topped with tomato, avocado, and creamy ranch, will thrill all palettes.

Burger | © cyclonebill/Flickr

Burnt Ends BBQ

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Burnt Ends BBQ | Courtesy Burnt Ends BBQ
‘BBQ with a modern twist,’ is the motto at Burnt Ends BBQ, and this food truck definitely delivers on its promise. All meats are carefully smoked for at least 18 hours to give them the perfect flavor, and then they’re topped with the food truck’s famous slaw. Unlike most slaws, it’s made with vinegar, not mayonnaise, making it the perfect tangy complement to any cut of brisket, pork, or chicken. Try the meat and slaw individually, or get them on a fresh baked brioche roll.

Sassafras Seagrass

If you’re looking to please a crowd, head to Downtown Oakland’s Sassafras Seagrass. This food truck has one of the most diverse menus of any food truck (or restaurant) around. There are options like grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet potato fries, alongside salmon sashimi nori hand roles and lamb sliders. Unlike most food trucks, many of the ingredients that Sassafras Seagrass uses are organic, and it’s is also one of the few food trucks to accept debit cards.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich | © Global Panorama/Flickr