The Top 10 Apps For Everyday Life In San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge | © David Ohmer/Flickr
Golden Gate Bridge | © David Ohmer/Flickr
Photo of Jake Hoffmann
24 October 2016

Technology is immersed all throughout the Bay Area. After a few days in the area, newcomers will realize that people are all about their apps, which can make their lives much easier. These are the top ten apps to have for your time in San Francisco.


Many people will enjoy using Routesy because it tells them exactly where they need to go on a daily basis. If you’re new to San Francisco, you may find yourself using this app on a daily basis to figure out which bus you need to take. One you get more accustomed to the city, you may use it less and less, but it is still awesome to have in case you ever become unsure of where you are at while on public transportation.

Routesy Logo | © Routesy

Uber & Lyft

Uber and Lyft are two must-have apps in the city. However, Uber can be a pain in the butt when it surges. These are great for using if you are spending a night on the town or frankly do not want to mess with public transportation. They are almost always cheaper than hailing a cab and provide a quick and easy transportation option.

Uber Logo | © Uber

Google Maps

Google Maps are awesome because they work flawlessly on both IOS and Android, and to be frank, Apple maps are garbage and will get you lost. Google Maps allow the user to select different routes to avoid traffic when driving or even hills while walking, which is a major plus in the Bay Area.

Google Maps Logo | © Google


If you are visiting the San Francisco with friends, this app is a must. It allows friends to effortlessly pay their friends back if they borrowed any money from them. It’s a great option if you need to split the bill at dinner or if one of your roommates picked up something for the house. It transfers right into and out of your desired account and even will store cash in Venmo to make the transaction that much easier.

Venmo Logo | ©


Instacart is a great app if you work long days and do not have time to get any groceries. The app allows users to select their groceries from a local market and schedule a time to have them delivered to your house. Instacart is a true timesaver and life simplifier.

Instacart Logo | ©


GrubHub is another app that fits into the timesaver and life simplifier category. It allows individuals to order delivery or take-out from a ton of restaurants. GrubHub is awesome for those nights when you just want to relax and cooking is out of the question, but you still want a nice and hearty meal that isn’t the run-of-the-mill delivery food.

Grubhub logo | ©


Doorman is another essential app if you are a new resident to the city. It allows users to schedule a time to have their packages delivered to their house. This is awesome because anything left at your doorstep will not be waiting for you when you get home – Doorman is the solution. You can pick a time between 6:00 pm and 12:00 am and never have to worry about a package going missing again.

Doorman Logo | ©


Eventbrite is an awesome tool that allows an individual to make new connections. There are a ton of different events and meet-ups all over the city in a multitude of categories. They usually consists of some type of beverage and finger foods and are a great source of networking or at the least, a free meal. Eventbrite is an app that is fit for a new resident of the city but can be great if trying to expand knowledge or network with people who have similar interests.

eventbrite logo | ©

SF Climates

SF Climates is an necessary app for anyone who plans on doing any traveling in the city. The weather in San Francisco varies depending on which part of the city you’re visiting. This is a great app to make sure you have the necessities to explore and won’t get stuck in a downpour while exploring across the city.

Climate logo | © SF Climate

Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park App is a great way to explore the 5th most visited park in the United States. The park, with over 1,000 acres, is almost impossible to explore without the app. There is too much to do, and it is spread out. The app offers a 3D interactive park map, GPS location tracking, updates the ‘Points of Interest’ if you’re near a particular site, and helps find bathrooms, playgrounds, and places to eat in the park as well.

Golden Gate Park Logo | © Golden Gate Park

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