The Best Restaurants In Sacramento's Old Town, California

The Best Restaurants In Sacramento's Old Town, California
With a history of gold-digging, Sacramento‘s Old Town keeps some of its dusty old-world charm, reflected in the saloons and historic restaurants scattered throughout the area. So saddle up and get on down, partner, as we profile some of best in this historic district.
The Firehouse Restaurant


A historic landmark and originally the home of the Sacramento number 3 Firehouse, this restaurant has been serving authentic fare for decades. With elegantly furnished rooms, an extensive wine cellar and a rustic brick-walled patio for al fresco dining, it’s a top spot for fine dining. Their dishes are all high-quality, refreshing combinations like chicken with figs, fresh fish tacos, and delicious salads.

The Coconut Grove Sports Bar & Grill

The Coconut Grove is first and foremost a restaurant for sports fans who enjoy watching live shows. Their TVs play various sports games at the same time so there’s something for everyone. The food is traditional, popular fare; expect dishes along the lines of chicken wings, burgers, nachos, and so forth. It’s the perfect place for a casual outing on the night of a major match.

Fanny Ann’s Saloon

Fanny Ann’s Saloon is a typical Western restaurant serving burgers, fries, salads, sandwiches and other classic food. The interiors show some of the salvaged items from the ship of which the restaurant takes it name, carefully preserved and showcased around the restaurant. Try the Gadzooks Zuchs for a slightly unusual fried dish.

Mulvaney’s B&L ©Kevin Cortopassi/Flickr

Mulvaney’s Building and Loan

The menu at Mulvaney’s B&L depends on the harvest season, an ethic that summarizes the farm-to-table experience the restaurant offers. The menu actually changes daily, so you’re unlikely to get the same dishes twice. Located in a historic firehouse, there’s also an open kitchen where you can watch the drama behind your dinner. Reserve seats early.

The Kitchen

An extraordinary fine-dining experience, The Kitchen takes you through every step of its seven-course meal as it is prepared right in front of you, meticulously and enthusiastically explained by the chefs. Reserve early in order to get a booking, as it’s all done in one setting and you get phoned in advance to be asked about your preferences and any allergy problems.